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Where are the best places to look for private scholarships?

Asked by Carly (4555points) September 1st, 2010

I’m looking for merit scholarships (not so much academic).
I’m worried that most of the big websites that claim to have millions of scholarships are not worth my time. I’m looking to cover at least $2,000 of this year’s tuition, if not more.

Do you know where I can start looking for realistic organizations that help with scholarships/grants/fellowships?

(i’m a college junior/senior majoring in English and Art)

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You could check with your financial aid office, they should have a list of some of the scholarships available.

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There are many legitimate scholarships, and there are books in your college library about them. Are you of Italian American descent?
What is your heritage? Chances are there’s a scholarship for that. Did your father work for a particular company? The post office? The Navy? There are scholarships specifically for children of these.

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I have feeling this thread is going to be a total linkapalooza but here are some more:





And get creative. They’re are some very interesting and unusual scholarships out there. Like scholarships for left-handed, red-headed, great-great-granddaughters of WWI veterans, that sort of thing. You never know.

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If you want maximum bang for buck, talk to your financial aid office and/or professors and other industry people in your field (local magazines, newspapers, professional organizations, museums, etc). There’s a good chance local scholarships are less competitive and more likely to be legitimate.

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@Seaofclouds if you’re talking about any scholarships that my school directly offers, I already have 2 (which is the maximum).

I’m looking for outside sources now because my school can’t offer me anymore. But thanks for the help.

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@Carly your school’s financial aid office should have a list of other scholarships as well (not just the ones they offer).

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