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Who would be an excellent recipient for an iPod giveaway?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) March 25th, 2008 from iPhone

I have a new 20 GB iPod that I don’t use since I got my iPhone. I could sell it, but I’m more excited about giving it away, if I can find someone who demonstrates their strong desire for it, and their limited financial situation.

I’d rather not hear answers like, “give it to me!” unless you feel called and you’re ready to send me a persuasive email about why you’re the one.

I am open to intelligent responses of who would be a great recipient. This is my first question – thanks for the responses!

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I saw a woman yesterday who was walking with her groceries. It looked like she had been walking for along time. In her hand, balanced between everything else was a portable cd player- cumbersome. I don’t know this woman at all, but I think someone in her situation is the type of person that would be really appreciative of an iPod.

Thanks for being so thoughtful.

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I was watching Oprah’s Big Give the other night and one of the guys gave away iPods to kids in an impoverished neighborhood. I thought that would be a good way for kids to download audio or video lessons and enjoy them while riding the bus to school.

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do you think that someone here deserves it?? I dont think so, most of this people have the iPhone, if not, we have the itouch, I wouldn’t ask you to give it to me, you can find someone who REALLY want it, in another place, not here, maybe you can go to the park, see people doing their exercise and check who DO NOT have music, that would be a great choice I think, I hope you chose the right person, that’s very kind from you…

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I am so heartened by the responses so far – within minutes of my post! Keep ‘em coming: who else could I give my iPod to? (it is audio only, not video, by the way)

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One consideration: give it to someone who definitely has their own computer or has access to a computer, since they will need at least iTunes and preferably also an internet connection.

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Go to your local mall and find one of those elderly mall-walkers who look lonely. Or a nursing home.

Make sure they have a grandchild.

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When I got my iPhone, I gave my iPod to my mother. She loves it and uses it all the time. I couldnt think of anyone who could have appriciated it more. That was months ago and she still tells me from time to time how much she loves the thing.

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You could also go to your local hospital and see if there are any sick kids that could use some entertainment. I’m thinking children with a terminal illness.

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Also consider that people need to have iTunes, and forgive the cynic in me but make sure they’re not just going to pawn it for crack.

Give it to someone who runs a youth center or something like that, so they can use it to help many people.

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I’m agreeing with bluemukaki, and think there must be a way it can be used to provide music in a communal setting. Lots of drop-in centres, community spaces, cafes and the like need to play music, and often they only have a few scratched-up cds. With the iPod connected to some speakers they could play lots more music without bringing in their cd collection.

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