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Have two hurricanes ever joined together to form one hurricane?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) September 1st, 2010

Wife and i were discussing hurricanes and this question was asked: Have two hurricanes ever joined together to form one monster hurricane? If so, what were their names and when was the date of this event? We were going to ask this question to The Weather Channel, but decided to give the good people on Fluther the first shot at their answers.

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I know Fabian and Isabel in 2003 were so close together that it probably seemed that they merged.
But I think scientists say no, they can’t literally combine. Though that would make a badass movie if it involved a giant squid and/or Godzilla.

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From Wikipedia:

The Fujiwhara effect or Fujiwara interaction is a type of interaction between two nearby cyclonic vortices, causing them to appear to “orbit” each other.


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@SundayKittens Damn you and your little kittens! :-) You beat me to it. But here is the Wikipedia article on the Fujiwhara Effect for @john65pennington

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Being as they are both rotating anti-clockwise, the stronger of the two should significantly weaken the second. It might get absorbed, but I don’t believe they would combine to make a
super storm. Hurricanes need warm water to form and they stir up cold water as they go. So it is more likely by the time they form they each have their own warm water fuel. Combining would weaken the result at least temporarily and then continue as if the absorbed one never existed, I did a cursory look over this in an old text, and at that point this was still theory and I have no recollection of it ever happening. Mostly one peakening the other.

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Sure. Watch the movie, “The Perfect Storm.” It is based in reality, when 3 killer storm systems converged.

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Due to the laws of nature, it is not possible for two vortices to combine. Depending on the circumstances, a Fujiwhara effect might happen. If you want, you can read more about Fujiwhara effect here

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