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First names that are last and visa versa, what names do you know work like that?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) September 2nd, 2010

There are names that can go both ways, they can be 1st or last names like:
John john
Scott Scott
Bruce Bruce
Tom Tom
Bill Bill
Shirley Shirley
Angel Angel
Cameron Cameron
Michael Michaels
Juan Juan
And so on.
What doubles can you envision?

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Charles Charles
Robert Robert

Are women included?

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@MissA Ahem You missed Shirley Shirley?

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@Hypocrisy_Central Sorry, the toothpicks holding my eyelids slipped. I can’t imagine a last name Shirley. Are you making this up?

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I knew a man with 3 first names: Paul Mark Clark. He used all 3 names. All the time.

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@hawaii_jake Did he know who he was? :D

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@MissA : Yeah, he knew, and he told everyone around him who he was. He was obnoxious.

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Parker is repeatable.

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@MissA Nope, hereis one of the sources that says so;
and I forgot Clark Clark…...D’oh!

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I’ve spent way too much time wondering if “Arthur” in Inception is his first or last name.

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Thomas Thomas
Kelly Kelly
Hunt Hunt
Cary Cary / Carey Carey
Shelley Shelley

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I had a teacher in school named Edward Edwards.We just called him Teddy Eddy.

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Campbell Campbell.

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@boots yeah, Parker Parks or Parker Parker….that would be a cool names! Parks Parks would be a stretch.

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Carol Carol

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Adam Adam(s)
Andrew Andrew(s)
Abbot Abbot
Anthony Anthony
Alexander Alexander
Barney Barney
Carson Carson
David David(s) also Davidson
James James
Peter Peter(s)
Troy Troy(er)
Zachary Zachary

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Okay… I need to start another list, too much edit response….
Clint Clint(on)
Drew Drew (Drew Barrymore, Nancy Drew)
Frank Frank(s)
Nicholas Nicholas (or Nickles)
Richard Richard(s)—Dick Dick(s)
Great! Now I can’t stop thinking of names….if this was only somehow a useful talent…

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Another name that, although not the same still makes me laugh is Toe-knee Hand-cock. Tony Hancock, a once famous British comedian :¬)

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Well, thanks H.C., I now have names on the brain. Here is Q that I hope you find enjoyable. Please feel free to use the names from this Q as inspiration.

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@ucme, it sounds like it picked the right profession. Any chance that was his stage name that he selected just for the punch line?

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Dick Dick.

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Lebron James

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Douglas Douglas
George George
Gregory Gregory
Mackenzie Mackenzie
Taylor Taylor
Riley Riley

The last three are the names of some of my female cousins. Unisex and last name/ first name combo.

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Owen Owen
Kean Kean

@ucme – I just saw a fine movie the other day, a rather obscure artsy one, where “Toe-Knee Chest-Nut” is used, rather brutally. Girly (1970) – happens to be on NetFlix instant play right now, for the Americanos.

Mind your own business
Fry your own fish
Don’t poke your nose
Into my clean dish

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Lee Lee
Mitchell Mitchell
Bailey Bailey
Hannah Hannah
Maxwell Maxwell
Lucas Lucas
Oliver Oliver
Madison Madison
Brooke Brooke
Blake Blake

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@ipso sounds painful

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I see they have that bit edited in the trailer.

Those crazy Brits.

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As an aside, I have neighbors who both have the birth first name of Carol.

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@MissA Are they both spelled the same way? I know a Carol and Carole. Also a Francis and Frances (Frank and Frankie).

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@MacBean I’m not altogether sure about that. He goes by CM and she, by Carol(e).

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@ipso wow, cheese-fest supreme

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