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Do you consider yourself a flirt?

Asked by Frenchfry (7569points) September 2nd, 2010

Why do you do it?

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No,but I am a friendly person. ;)

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I don’t consider myself a flirt, but some other people do. I’m actually just trying to be nice but I guess it comes off as flirtatious haha

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No but I can be!

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Hell Yea! I don’t do it intentionally but I catch myself doing it. I like to see the reaction of people.

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Depends on how well I know the person involved. I flirt with some of mine & indeed the wife’s girl friends. It’s mutually understood that we’re just having harmless fun with each other & it’s good for a laugh. Besides, if it even came close to more than that my wife would twat me over the noggin with a blunt instrument :¬D

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@isuppose – I agree. Most times I’m trying to be nice to a girl and be friendly. But I guess it comes off as flirtatious. Either way works for me, I suppose. :D I don’t mind being called a flirt.

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Sometimes, yes. But most of the time I am just friendly and it is perceived as flirtation, much like posters above me have said.

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Absolutely. I can’t help myself. I think it has something to do with a need to feel wanted and attractive. Plus, it’s FUN. ;-)

When I was younger it was almost a compulsion, but it was all tease.

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Not really.

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I don’t think so. The lack of a man in my life probably means I’m bad at it, and on the other side that I’m bad at detecting interest from a guy, as well. :/

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Naw, I’m not a flirt at all… checks out your butt

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I definitely do not usually initiate it. But when flirted with, I tend to return it (this mostly happens while I’m drunk at parties and it can be with either gender).

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I’m a huge flirt, dollface.

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@ucme, jesus, you never fail to crack me up.

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probably I am…it happens automatically….:)

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A reactionary one, mostly. I enjoy to flirt with people I know and am comfortably platonic with, it gives us a little pick me up, keeps us on our toes and sometimes pulls us out of a funk.

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I was a huge flirt before I started dating my boyfriend 4 years ago. I learned to grow up and not be so immature.

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@Nicole8 Aww…there’s nothing wrong with a little harmless flirting. You can tell the wolves (and cougars) that MEAN it and just give them the cold shoulder. It’s a self esteem builder and occasionally something to brag to your buddies about. :)

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Seldom. But I have occasionally just for the hell of it. Had fun too.

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Yes, I do enjoy flirting. Been married 17 years, but I’m not dead! haha. There is no shortage of men to flirt with either. All harmless, unless I ever meet Mike Ness…then all bets are off!

ibstubro's avatar

Laughing @bippee turnin the bad boi heads!

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Sure. As long as it remains harmless. My, you look great ;)

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Yes… I just can’t seem to help myself.

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I seem to do it unconsciously so i’m told, so I guess i am.

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Why yes I am. It’s out of control, but to be fair, I bartend and few women show up there. So it’s my job, and not my fault. Really!

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