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Can you name two famous people that one has the same first name as the other last name?

Asked by marissa (2659points) September 2nd, 2010

This idea came from this Q . You can also use fictional characters from books, movies, etc. An example would be Drew Barrymore and Nancy Drew. Have Fun!

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Pvt. Judy Benjamin and Benjamin Bratt

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Elton John, John Lennon.

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Do they need be spelled the same?

Can I Karen Allen, Alan Jackson?

Or is Alan Jackson Brown required?

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Randy Travis Tritt

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@ibstubro, no, they don’t need to be spelled the same :0)

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Jim Carrey, Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia)

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Kevin James, James Newton Howard

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James Dylan Thomas Jefferson Davis

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@Pied_Pfeffer Thanks! It was fun. I was going to do more, but I didn’t want to be crafting for days.

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John Wayne-Wayne Gretzky

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George Washington, Washington Irving

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Denzel Washington Irving Berlin

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Elizabeth George Washington Irving Berlin

I meant.

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@ibstubro You’re on a roll…and a goner. Expect the rest of your day to be on this topic, whether you are logged in or not.

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The question matches my brain function perfectly. “Two of these things belong together…” lol

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Muhammad Ali – Ali G Booyaka!! :¬)

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Rob Thomas, Thomas Jefferson

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Sonny Boy Boy George George Michael Michael Jackson Jackson Browne

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Steve Martin, Martin Luther King, King Crosby

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Larry David Tennant

Ron Paul McCartney

Michael Douglas MacArthur

Justin Kirk Douglas

Howard Dean Martin Luther King Vidor

Carmen Miranda Kerr

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rebbel, erichw1504, aprilsimnel

Kindred spirits!

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It’s fun to imagine what some of these mashup people would look/act like. Ron Paul McCartney is kind of… scary. XD

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@MacBean Oddly enough, I had that some flash on that same combo!

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Bob Dylan Dylan Thomas

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Olivia Newton John Travolta

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@zen_ Probably the best answer yet, amazing!

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Buddy Holly, Holly Hunter

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@erichw1504 Haha… I’ll give you credit, I guess.

Hunter S. Thompson?

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Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson Davis.

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@ubersiren You know… that’s who I think I was originally thinking of, but found that guy on IMDB instead.

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With fictional characters in mind, James Ford Prefect would be an interesting mashup.

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Amanda Perez – Perez Hilton

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Connie Francis Ford Coppola

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Jimmy Dean Martin Lawrence (Larry) King Charles Bronson Pinchot

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Benjamin Harrison Ford
James Taylor Swift
Philip K. Dick Powell
Chris Rock Hudson
Jon Anderson Cooper
Anne Frank Gifford
Woodrow Wilson Pickett
Keith David Keith

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Sarah Jessica Parker & Seabiscuit…......Ah, wrong answer. Only on a technicality however :¬)

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Matt Damon Runyon

Ray Charles Dickens

Prince – Charles (haha)

Michael Jackson Pollack

Mary Stuart Little

@Tropical_Willie, and that was no coincidence.

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elton john henry james cameron diaz

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Phyllis George Clooney

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Ellery Queen Elizabeth George Washington Irving Berlin

I couldn’t verify the Ellery Queen earlier, so he added 2 people to my previous.

Still not up to my previous 7, but purer. ;-)

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@marissa HA! Take that! Lucas Haas/George Lucas! Har har har

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Al Gore Vidal

Bill Clinton Eastwood (yes, Clinton—I checked)

Barry Lyndon Johnson

Jesse James Bond

Josiah Quincy Jones

Eli Whitney Houston

Diana Spencer Tracy Morgan Freeman

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Corey Hart Bochner
Elizabeth Montgomery Cliff Curtis Armstrong
Meriwether Lewis Carroll O’Conner
PeeWee Herman Melville

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Nice, @ibstubro. I especially like the last one, which is appealingly brain-jarring.

But spelling counts when you’re claiming that two names are the same. It’s Montgomery Clift, I’m afraid (ends with a t, not an f). Also it’s Carroll O’Connor.

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@Jeruba Thanks, I was particularly proud of the juxtaposition of the Hermans. That’s satisfied me so I stopped there. I’m particularly fond of the string of names game: Diana Spencer Tracy Morgan Freeman. Challenges your brain a bit more.

The third post to this question was mine:
Do they need be spelled the same?
Can I Karen Allen, Alan Jackson?

marissa’s response:
@ibstubro, no, they don’t need to be spelled the same :0)

I wanted to make sure I wasn’t breaking her rules.

I suppose if we really wanted to pick nits, we could argue that Prince can not be used in the game since both first and last names were stipulated, and he has only a simple moniker…but then we’d just be making monkey’s out of ourselves, wouldn’t we?


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Well, @ibstubro. I guess you’re right that @marissa said that, and it’s her game; but then I would ask, how can you say it’s the same name? Allen and Alan are pronounced the same, but Cliff and Clift are not.

I would concede that Prince was a stretch. We can certainly disqualify it if you want.

Anyway, I like this game. Still thinking.

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Moby Dick VanDyke.

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Ah, Prince can be done, if you know his last name, which I do!

Prince Nelson Mandela.

His full birth name is Prince Rogers Nelson.

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GA, @aprilsimnel. But don’t stop there! How about Howard Prince Nelson Mandela?

Or even, going for a run—and a thematic one, at that—

Joan Leslie Howard Prince Nelson Eddy Murphy Brown

What I’m looking for now is one that wraps all the way around to form a loop.

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@Jeruba the loop is the holy grail. I did not realize that until this minute, and it could be a path to insanity! lol Feel free to use all the previous posts again if you can loop. It’d be awesome to see.

I thought about that a while back as a question “Add a name…” but it’d just go all stupid.

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Let’s work on that, @ibstubro.

Let’s set a minimum: say six. It doesn’t count as a loop with fewer than six names. Sound reasonable? or should it be higher, eight or more?

And for the sake of purity, let’s not permit any latitude on spelling: it has to match. Agreed?

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I’m not matching you. I would honestly admire you’re loop as much as if I’d done it…well, nearly as much.

If you can do it in under 6, then consider that a step for you and a demonstration for us. Or take any chain above and work on it…I did that at least once without anyone caring. I enjoy the wordplay, the cleverness, the rest is icing. If I could read a string of yours 20 long I would, honestly, be more entertained than by my 6.

You have to understand, I’m not competition, I’m kindred spirit.

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I wasn’t proposing a competition but rather a joint challenge. I’d cheer for yours as much as for my own.

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Rudolf Bing Crosby

Smokey Robinson Crusoe

Arundhati Roy Rogers

Ben Casey Stengel

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