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How do you feel about jail?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) September 2nd, 2010

Does it heal the victims wounds at all when the offender is in jail? Or is the only thing that jail does is harden and anger the offender?

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Jail is just a way society can get the misfits out of its hair. No one heals in jail. There is no rehabilitation in jail.
It does possibly intimidate others into not committing similar crimes as those who reside inside.
But can you come up with a better way to deal with society’s misfits.

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I feel it is a place Paris Hilton should go and serve out her sentence this time.

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Definitely overcrowded. Something needs to change.

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I feel pretty good about it.

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I found out about circle justice threw a book called touching spirit bear. We should definitely do that more than sentencing people to jail.

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It’s overcrowded and does not rehabilitate [the majority of] offenders, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin to fix things. I can only summon so much sympathy for those in prison.

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Short term incarceration for modest to moderate crimes, DUI’s etc. may have an awakening impact for some.

Longterm warehousing of dangerous offenders does nothing for the individual other than to keep them away from society. It’s a rare person that is ever truly ‘rehabilitated’, although it can happen, the liklihood is not good. These people have been broken for years, even with longterm therapy the odds of them changing are slim to none.

Sad, that’s all one can say.

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You ever been robbed? Had your home invaded? Had your wife or sister or daughter raped? Had members of your family killed? Don’t forget, society has a right to be protected as well as do the rights of those who do such things.

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It is a good place for people who are dangerous and I don’t give a shit which dangerous sociopaths it hardens. If they get more dangerous in jail, they can stay or go back.
It may be a bit much for people who are a nuisance but not a physical danger to others.

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@CaptainHarley yes,yes,no,yes. I do think society needs to be protected. But instead of just going to jail we could do circle justice to heal victims and offenders. If the offender doesn’t learn he/she can still go to jail. But when you go to jail you get angrier and more dangerous.

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That’s why they have “SuperMax” prisons. It’s also one of the primary reasons almost every state in the union has a Concealed Carry Law.

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But eventually their sentence will be over, they’ll be back on the streets. And they won’t of learned anything.

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@CaptainHarley – The voice of reason :)))))

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My personal belief is that someday in the hopefully not too distant future, there will be effective treatments for those who are emotionally and mentally unstable, and we can rehabilitate with a few shots. But until that day comes, I’ll keep my concealed .40 calibre CZ-75 compact and continue to support incarceration for those who comitt violent crimes.

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I spent a night in jail, where I met the most interesting people inside, and the biggest assholes outside.

Jail wasn’t so bad, but I must surely be a 100 percent reformed criminal, because I never want to go back to jail and have to deal with shithead cops.

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Well..‘shithead cops’ become shitheads dealing with all the assholes, pretty simple. Don’t shift the blame, you did whatever you did to land your ass in the tank to begin with.

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@frdelrosario what were you in jail for?

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I’m okay with it as long as I draw a Get Out of Jail card right away. Otherwise, no experience with incarceration except to a few old habits.

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I think jail is more of a temporary fix. It keeps the criminals out of our hair for a certain amount of time, and then they come right back. I don’t know what the answer is, but we need some serious criminal justice reform

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I think it’s an absolute bloody outrage, yes I said outrage that we’re not allowed to pass Go! Not only that, oh no. To cap it all off, we’re robbed of our well earned £200!!! I mean come on, fair play guv’nor :¬)

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@ucme Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 200 dollars.

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@isuppose ..& me being the cute ickle doggy as well :¬(

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After my fiance was in jail for 2 months he’s claimed to have learned his lesson and hasn’t commited a crime since.

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I don’t feel that it is the answer to our social problems, but have no other brainy ideas to offer.
Would love to hear more sensible solutions.

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Hey, @isuppose, looks I don’t have a monopoly on Monopoly jokes.

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Thanks. This pistol fits my hand almost perfectly, and there’s so little “jump” ( Sometimes known as “recoil.” ) when it’s fired that I’m back on target in what seems like mere milliseconds. : ))

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The incarceration rate in the U S is right around 50%, so they are doing something half right. I don’t think the current system is working, since the main thing most offenders need is education and employment, excluding the thugs who are just plain career criminals.

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Jail sucks. I have had friends that went there. Funny I have heard if you get almost a year in jail opt for prison more luxuries.

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For some crimes I’m talking murder and such here I feel that it is simply not punishment enough, some criminals are known to view it as a hotel, a place where they can be fed educated and whatever else for free.
A long time ago there was a documentary or news report in England of how Ian Huntley was in a prison that looked similair to some hotels, nice TV and everything. And for the crime he commited only the deepest circle of hell would suffice.
Sorry for the rant, this is something I feel strongly about.

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Jail is what we do to criminals when we don’t know what to do. It is partially the revenge of families, and partially a way to separate criminals from society because we either don’t know or don’t care about how to rehabilitate them. They are a well intentioned idea, but I really don’t think they are effective.

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Its noisy and hard to sleep. The food sucks. Correctional officers are the laziest people on the face of the earth. Most people in jail are poor people who can’t afford lawyers or can’t bond out. What kind of sense does it make to lock a man up for 6 months because he is behind on child support? That really helps kids.

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