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How do you think the Earth, will come to a end. Or will human being's come to a end long before the Earth.

Asked by axlefoley (347points) March 26th, 2008 from iPhone

End, Earth,

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As you know, in a couple billion years, the sun will have a super nova and may turn into a black hole. Think about it—as the sun is destroyed, will humans be able to live without sunlight? Probably not, unless we make some sort of sun like contraption. So, I think we wolli

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The human race will die out before earth is blown up or sucked into a black hole. Kind of depresssing, knowing that the human’s last day on earth will be full of starvation and extreme heat.

Now, to insure that the earth survives longer than us, we need to be Eco-friendly because of global warming.

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now are you talking Earth as we know it or the planet itself? Because it’s far more likely that humans will die off before the planet, what with the whole unsustainable population thing, and/or global warming….

And chloelily, when the sun enters it’s supernova phase, it will become a giant-type star, which would expand it’s circumference to include the earths orbit, destroying it, and everything on it..

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Thanks, bsilver, its been awhile since we did this in school.

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hey, I could even be wrong, all I know is that we have a relatively young star as our sun, eventually, it will expand, which would be bad for Earth…

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bsilver is right. Eventually, our sun will begin to die, and when stars die, they first go supernova, expanding many times over. Earth will be completely destroyed at that point. However, it is very likely that humans (and, indeed all life) will have died out long before that. It is, of course, possible, that humans will have migrated to other planets by that time, but we are talking billions of years here, a time frame so huge as to be essentially inconceivable for us.

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I think we have a greater chance running out of natural resources and destroying each other before the sun goes super nova. Or maybe a meteor lol

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@chloelily actually, our sun is much to small to become a black hole after its nova stage. It will most likely become a brown dwarf.
The sun will expand but most likely only until barely touching the earth’s atmosphere. But yeah, even then, the earth would be incinerated. And for sure humans will have long been extinct by the time this would happen.

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im surprised not one person mentioned Jesus coming back and Armageddon. thats how it will end. it doesn’t even have to be a question, weve had the answer for centuries.

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man will eventually destroy the chances of any life on earth once anti-matter is used as a weapon

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@ allen o- First mankind needs to discover anti-matter…

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We already did

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Ok. You’re right and I knew that… My response to your answer was supposed to say we need to discover practical uses for antimatter weapons beyond the planning stages, but now see you said eventually…

Sometimes when I’m exhausted, I don’t recall or read things right.

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