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Anybody on fluther ever commit a crime?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) September 2nd, 2010

Anyone here ever get convicted of a serious crime? Rob a bank? Assault someone? Something worse? What was going threw your mind? Do you regret it? How long was your sentence?

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I killed a man for using “threw” instead of “through”, and the jury acquitted me.

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I had a traffic ticket once. It was pretty bad since i was going 65 in a 35 without a license or registration :p i didn’t get a “sentence” since this is quite minor but i did have to take like 5 hours of traffic class and got a hefty 1000 dollar fine, when you’re 15 thats a shit-ton of money :D

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@superjuicebox taught you to slow down, huh?

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I was actually accused of burning down an entire mountainside on accident. I’m not going to go into detail about how it happened, but I had to go to a tiny, small-town court house and pay a $140 fine.

Nothing was put on my record though and I wasn’t actually accused of anything criminal… it was still a civil matter, thank god.

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Sure. “Crime”... I’m assuming you mean the term as separate from “infraction”, so we’re not counting non-criminal traffic offenses?

I had a small, fleeting fascination with shoplifting at one point. Bored teenager with sucky parents, I don’t know. Mostly books from a local used book store.

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@daytonamisticrip lol no it taught me to look out for cops ;]

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I was actually accused of burning down an entire mountainside on accident. I’m not going to go into detail

Oh, come on! The details will make that story!

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In other words, you’re still doing 65 in 35 zones, will eventually commit mayhem, and then you can post to this thread again.

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Come on fluther people I know someone out there has committed a real crime on purpose.

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Maybe. But the important thing is that I’ve never gotten caught. ;)

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I shot someone for wearing white after Labor Day ;)

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@frdelrosario no not in 35 zones :p but i still speed on the freeway and on the main roads from time to time. Never in a residential area though, i’m not trying to hit some kid thats on the street or anything like that.

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You think I’ve managed to not get caught all this time by blabbing it all over the internet?

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I got in a fight at Mardi Gras and got arrested for assault :/ I just got probation though.

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@frdelrosario, mom wanted me to teach her to shoot. We went to a police-run range in a tiny town near our house. It was a really dry day and the range was situated between two mountains. I showed her how to fire a few rounds from my AR15. A few minutes later, a plume of smoke started to rise from the woods behind the berm 100 yards down range. There was one other guy at the range, so I yelled to him to come with me and check it down. We cleared our weapons and sprinted downrange to see a huge circle of fire burning behind the berm. I called the fire department and the other guy who was there said “fuck it” and hopped in his van and drove off. Mom and I waited for the fire department to get there. By the time they arrived, the entire mountainside had been completely engulfed in flame. The local sheriff (who runs the range) took us in and cited us for “unauthorized use of tracer ammunition” and set a court date. The judge and sheriff both insisted that we had to be using tracer ammunition (which burns very hotly in order to glow) and completely ignored the fact that a) we didn’t use tracers and b) I had found an empty pack of cigarettes behind the berm when there were clearly-placed signs that said “no smoking.”

We were both fined and let go with no spots on our records. I shoot at a private range now all the time, and I’ve never heard of anything like that ever happening to anyone else.

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It’s not a crime to accidentally start a fire.

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Well i got in a couple of fights in high school, the police were involved but i don’t think i got charged with anything except by the school (suspension etc.)

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I have only spent one night in jail. But that was for minor stuff. I have done worse thing like selling drugs and arson but I was never cuaght. My mom spent 10+ years in prison but I don’t need to share her info with you.

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nothing major.

i tried to steal a car and was arrested, but got off with a caution, certainly helps when you’re from a middle class background and halfway through University, i was sickened by the lightness of my punishment.

Arrested and fined for Drink Driving.

But i’m planning something real big.

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I shot the sherrif but I did not shoot the deputy.

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Got arrested for marijuana cause the dumbfuck I was with thought itd be a swell idea to “just be honest” with the cops. I mean what could go wrong?

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My life of crime came and went with an arrest at 17 for stealing a blanket out of a hotel room to use at the beach, while traveling with a friend. lol

Yep, but, because I was a minor it was a misdemeanor that was erased from my record at 18. Still 4 hours in juvenille hall was enough for a lifetime for me. Not to mention my parents not happy retaliation. lol

Been a model citizen ever since.

I do joke though about being able to do a ‘Martha Stewart’ stint, my crime of choice would be printing $20’s & $50’s in the basement. hahaha

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@daytonamisticrip, they had mentioned they were considering charging us with arson. Technically, it’s not a crime, and the question asked whether we had committed a crime or not. I still maintain that it wasn’t mine or my mom’s fault, either, but I thought I’d add it to this thread anyway, because a) @frdelrosario was curious, and b) it’s an interesting story and sort of fits with the theme.

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I’ve broken the law (pirating music/movies/software, underage drinking, speeding, minor vandalism), but never been caught for anything.

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I’m friendly with someone who did, but I’m not tellin’...

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I’m honestly surprised I’ve never been arrested, based on the number of times I’ve stood outside on a city street smoking a spliff… O.o

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Nothing serious, but I shoplifted lots before. Until I got busted lol.

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What @papayalily said. I’ll admit that I have (since it was a long time ago and the statute of limitations has probably expired, in addition to no one ever suspecting me of participating), but… ’You think I’ve managed to not get caught all this time by blabbing it all over the internet?

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I had one underage drinking citation. The only time I got caught doing something.

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