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In a 3 bedroom apartment, how much more should a roommate with a private bathroom pay?

Asked by Qingu (21173points) September 2nd, 2010

The total rent is $1450.

The three bedrooms are about the same size, have similar quality closets and windows. But one of the bedrooms has its own attached bathroom (just a toilet and sink).

My thought is that this roommate should pay from $70 to $85 more than the other two roommates (460/460/530 or 455/455/540), but I am not sure.

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when I lived in a similar arrangement, we split rent 40/30/30. All the utilities though were split in thirds.

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Any chance that any of the roommates take a long time getting ready? Let them have the bathroom so you can use the other one.

Personally, I wouldn’t charge more unless the person aggressively wanted that room. Then I would ask for more.

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Make bids. Whoever is willing to pay more, gets it. If nobody is willing to pay more, do a little raffle and everybody pays the same.

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Money issues like this can get very sticky among room-mates. Think I’d just split the rent three ways but make each person equally responsible for keeping the bathroom clean and stocked.

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I would pay more and be happy to. Seems like a given to me. But if no one wants to, @bob_ raffle is a good idea.

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Basically the toilet is the bigger deal. If it had an extra shower that would be different. But I would split it 3 ways and suggest as @bob did about doing a draw. The person who gets the room with the toilet has to allow someone else to use the toilet when the other toilet or bathroom is occuppied. Those who want complete privacy can bow out of the deal and take the room without the toilet.

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I wouldn’t split the rent any differently unless that person vehemently lobbied for that room. When I was living in my two bedroom, my roommate got a larger room. It was about twice the size of mine. She also wanted HBO when I did not. We still split the rent and the cable down the middle. I wasn’t happy about it, but it was a helluva lot better than living with the roomie from hell because she was mad she had to pay more.

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i think if the bathroom was a full bathroom with shower then it would be worth a big difference.

my sister lives in NYC and the rent for a 3 bedroom is $3650. She pays $1500, and has the full bath attached. The other two share a bath, and they pay like $1050 each (i know that doesn’t add up totally but it’s approximate).

the thing about any attached bathroom is the privacy of not having other people traipsing through your room to go to the bathroom.

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I’d pay $25. extra in rent to have my own toilet others wouldn’t use.

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