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Why is Stephen Hawking still alive?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4925points) September 2nd, 2010

There are no other known cases where someone has survived ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) so long. What’s Hawking’s secret to survival?

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His connection to the universe no doubt. Maybe some newly embraced spiritual awakenings.

He’s an amazing man.

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He keeps himself busy I think.

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I’m with @Coloma. The human mind is amazing, maaaaaan.
Also, he no doubt has a lot of money to get the best care possible. I could be wrong.

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Well, when you know there’s nothing left after this, you don’t have that “oh, I’ll just give up and go to heaven now” thing. He wants to finish living before he dies.

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I agree that he has lots of money for the best care. And ALS affects different people differently. Obviously he is able to breathe.

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Mankind still needs him.

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Nationalised healthcare!

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I’m just grateful that he’s still here and able to contribute.

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Imagine living with such a terrible disease day after day and still fighting to contribute to increasing human understanding of the BIG QUESTIONS… kind of puts a different perspective on what some of us (including me) call problems, doesn’t it?

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We wouldn’t even be this far in science without him. He’s needed and GOD keeps him alive.

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For me that begs the question, was Lou Gehrig religulous? ;-)

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@Brian1946 Well, his body was cremated, so we know he wasn’t a fundamental Christian, at least. ^_^ I can’t find any quotes or anything that would suggest he was very religious. The only thing that comes close is someone referring to Baseball as “almost holy – a religion”, to him. Not even his retirement speech referred to god – in fact, he mentioned taking his illness “philosophically”. I knew I liked that guy.

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There are variants of ALS. One of these is called Progressive Muscular Atrophy, which tends to have a better prognosis than regular ALS. I wonder if Hawking has one of these variants.

Of course, good medical care helps, too…

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Modern technology.

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He’s never done any manual labor.

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He is awesome. And his brain is super strong.He has no need for his body. hehe.

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He’s passed on now

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