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Has anyone been to the apple (mac) store in New York?

Asked by fortris (683points) March 26th, 2008 from iPhone

Is it any different then a normal one? Or should I go?

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I went to the one on Fifth the last time I was there. It was different than the one in Portland. I’m not sure if I would go to it as a tourist. It is cool, but there is a lot of other cooler things to do in New York City.

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Does it have more stuff to elaborate, specificly iPhone cases?

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Been there (the one near Central Park). It’s nothing different in terms of products, but maybe it’s worth five minutes just to experience the building. FAO Schwartz is right there, (as is Columbia(sp?) Circle) so you might as well if you’re not pressed for time.

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The one with the cube of glass in the shopping district is the one I’m asking about.

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The glass cube one is the 5th Ave. store… other than that architectural feature, its product offerings are no different from the SoHo store or the 14th Street store, or the ones in my local shopping area.

In fact, I was disappointed when I went. As a “flagship” store, I thought it might have l little Apple museum type area to look at some of the older products and such, but it was the same as all the other stores I’ve been to, and I’ve been to several.

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Well hearkat, I’m glad to hear that! I went on a short trip to NYC and eyed the flagship store, but our time was dwindling and seeing the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller won out with my group. Now I don’t feel as bad…

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It’s a very pretty store, but you can’t get anything there that you can’t get at another Apple store.

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If ou are a Mac fan, make a point to walk through. The store on 59th and 5th ave is in a touristy area (Central Park, The Plaza, Tiffany’s, etc.) The newest store on 14th and 9th ave is in a really cool area of town (The Meat Packing District- don’t let the name fool you) I used to work down there and I can testify that it is the coolest place in town. A million great food places and The Gas Light where Dylan played is across the street. Get Pop Burger if you visit that store.

Either is worth a pilgrim’s homage.

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yes its amazing, and very clean, I saw a huge 40 inch computer monitor

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I went, and you guys are right. Only the entrance is cool, the rest is like any other store.

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