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How young, or how old, will you date?

Asked by MoxieGal (358points) September 2nd, 2010

What’s your dating age range? Will you date someone 5, 10, 15, 20 years older than you? How about younger? Is age just a number, or do you have a strict cut-off no matter what?

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Usually 5 to 7 years, but it all depends on maturity. I am 24 but I end up dating older women because younger women are too incompatible with me and older women appreciate my immaturity. I just don’t have much in common with younger women.

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If I were looking, 18–34.

I’m 25. So is my girlfriend.

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When I was dating, I would go 2–3 years younger and up to 15 years older. Now that I’m married, I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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I suppose I don’t have a strict cut-off,
It’s all circumstantial.

As of current, the youngest I’ve dated
was 19, the oldest 28

I am 21.

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If I was looking, my range would be 30–55, give or take a bit. I’m 43.

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This hasn’t really come up since I’m not, nor have I been, actively scanning the dating pool. As of now, I don’t have a range really… though I suppose I would prefer not to date anyone more than a year younger than me.

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Can be older or younger (but mature enough) than me but not too old or not too young (you know what I mean). I don’t really judge others by their age. My prime consideration is that they must accept me the way I’m. And of course,they should be rich enough.

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My range is 17 – 19 (i just have 18; 16 girls acts like childs and i wouldn’t feel good with a 20 girl)

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When I was dating,I wouldn’t date anyone 5 years older.Younger? Tried that,thanks ;)

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If he isn’t in a pram or on a respirator…..:) (Kidding.)

Seriously…it’s all about maturity, or lack thereof. I have dated men that were a lot older and a lot younger and sometimes the younger men were more mature, interesting and more “real” at times. Sometimes, the older men were great, too. I don’t think age really does matter because it’s all an illusion, anyway. Society puts restrictions, but if people did not know would it make a difference? No. It would not. (I am talking about adults dating adults by the way..that’s important to mention.)

I also object to the fact that older men can date younger women (Douglas and Zeta-Jones for example) and it’s “rah-rah-rah”...but when Madonna is with Jesus (just saw what that looked like “Madonna and Jesus ”:) there is all this “snicker snicker” and the same with Demi and Ashton….why? Why are women considered predatory when they are with younger men and when older men do the same it’s pop the champagne cork and celebrate!

A lot is attraction and chemistry and the gray matter between the ears which is, truthfully…ageless.

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I’m 24, so I like to stick between 21 and 30… 35 max.

Definitely nothing under 21

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age doesnt matter…’s size.

i must be a cougar…...

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As old or as you as appealed to me, if I were dating.

Around the age of 40, I dated in about a 20 year range, up or down.

The 20+ years older had relationship issues, and didn’t get much off the ground, tho I was willing.

The 20 years younger was just stupidity as it turned out. The frame of reference is just too great. A 20yo today is likely to be aware that W’s dad was once president, while I was at Carter’s inauguration. How do you bridge THAT? At least at 40 dating 60, you have a long frame of reference and in 40 years you have picked up a lot of info on the 20 years prior.

Bottom line it’s more attractive to date younger, easier to dated older. If you’re middle aged probably 10 years either way and narrowing at the extremes.

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25 to 55 I guess. I have never thought about it. I have someone so that was if I was single

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Only a year or less younger than me, at 17 dating younger feels weird, and gets you weird looks at school.
I’d probably only go 3 or 4 years older

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25 and older, when I was dating. I never put a cap on the age, 38 was the oldest though.

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I’m 20.

The youngest I’ll date is 20 and the oldest I’ll date is 25.

My girlfriend is 23.

I prefer mature women.

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25 is mature now? Dude…

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The wife and I are 47 and in our BDSM lifestyle we go as young as 26.

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Compatibility was the only criteria I ever had. My current husband of 35 years is 8 years younger than I am.

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@bob_, compared to 18 and 19 year olds, yes.

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I don’t tend to date anyone younger..urgh!

Older i’d say 10 years is my limit, but there have been exceptions.

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When I was in my 50’s I dated a man who was in his 70’s. He was in very good shape but omg he was so old!!! Now I am 65 and 70 doesn’t seem nearly as antique, hehehe.

I think it is a good idea to stay within 5 years or so in either direction just to keep things simple.

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@rooeytoo yeah but now you’re 65, 70 doesn’t seem so old but that 70 year old will be 85 now, if he’s still alive at all.

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@downtide – He still lives in my old home town and is alive, but I understand, just barely!!!

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