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Can anyone give me summary of any one movie; Far & away, an American tale, newsies, there will be blood, or fly boys?

Asked by simmi (14points) March 26th, 2008 from iPhone

movie summary of only one

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(not trying to be rude, but please people, use google/wikipedia first, please.)
(But we want an answers from real people! Wikipedia is written by real people, voluntary, remember?)

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I have a feeling this is a “Will you please write my report that is due in two hours?” question.

hearkat's avatar is another excellent resource

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@ Klaas- thank you, people keep forgetting the wonderful wonders of google and wikipedia…

@ john- I couldn’t agree with you more…

@ hearkat- love IMDB!

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If this is some sort of homework asignment, the teacher should be shot.

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Also, if you are looking for the entire synopsis of the movie (complete with endings), go to

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