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Why don't adult bikes come with kickstands?

Asked by Beta_Orionis (3400points) September 2nd, 2010

They’re useful.

I realize I can purchase one. Perhaps I am just struck with nostalgia this evening.

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I do have a big girl bike and it did come with a kickstand XD

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They do. Maybe not all, but all of ym adult bikes have had one.

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I have a bike and it comes with one. Hmmm

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Mine does (well, did, I don’t have it anymore…)

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Mine did. Some of the cheaper models may not have the kickstand installed to lessen the cost. Or an unscrupulous bike shop owner figured they could make extra money if they sold the kickstands seperately.

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Mine has one too. Maybe the question is Why didn’t your bike come with a kickstand!

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All of the bikes I’ve owned have had one. I think @WestRiverrat has the best idea as to why yours may not have.

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Lightweight bikes don’t have them because it’s unnecessary weight.

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@jaytkay I didn’t think of that. On a racing bike or an ultralite it is just excess weight.

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For serious cyclists, a kick stand is kind of a dorky thing to have on their bike. It is along the lines of one of those clicky bells or handle bar baskets.

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most people just lean their bikes against something anyway. Department store bikes might still have k. s. like Roadmaster, etc, but the better more serious bike store machines almost never do. It’s all about light weight performance and a cobby KS will cheapen the whole affair.

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@lucillelucillelucille, @theichibun, @Frenchfry, @papayalily, @WestRiverrat, @isuppose, @seaofclouds I’m happy to hear your bikes had them!

@isuppose I guess that really is the question. I didn’t realize they were even available pre-installed.

@Seaofclouds No, no. My bike was not cheap.

@jaytkay It’s true, but the vast majority of adult bikes are not designed to be ultra lightweight.

@gondwanalon You can’t speak for all serious cyclists. I know a few who have installed them and have no insecurities about having done so. Additionally, neither bells nor baskets (okay, maybe of the wicker/pink&white variety) are really dorky. In areas congested with pedestrians, the bell is a helpful warning of your approach. Whatever the style, milk-crate/commercially available baskets, or paniers, storage on bikes is advantageous for commuters and others.

@woodcutter In many situations, there’s not something to lean your bike against and that makes retrieving or manipulating items awkward.

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Even the bike shops that sell high end machines should be able to install one on a bike if you want one. Usually they just clamp to the left chainstay and will swing up so it points to the back. They’re ok if you just have to have one. Often they offer a false sense of security at best as a slight breeze will knock a bike over or the tip of the stand will sink into the ground even asphalt if it gets mushy in the summer.

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@woodcutter The image of the kickstand sinking into soft asphault is really amusing. :) I know I can procure one (hence the question’s social filing rather than placement in the general “IWantAnswers” category.) I’m sure the placement is flexible too.

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@Beta_Orionis You are knowledgeable! Perhaps you know that Robin Williams is a serious cyclist who wouldn’t be caught dead riding a bike with a kick stand (Unless disguised as Mrs. Doubtfire). He loves the latest in cycling innovations and a couple times I’ve heard him say “I use Viagra, now I can ride long and hard, and I don’t need a kick stand”. HA! Yea kick stands are for weenies.

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@gondwanalon Yep. I am aware of Robin William’s cycling affinities and accomplishments, but it’s not as though I adopt the behavior of celebrities as a model for my own, or change the way I regard my own experiences based on the opinions of others. I’m done with this conversation.

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