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My brother is nearly a mechanical engineer, how can he make money online?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) September 2nd, 2010

He has about five subjects left of a five year degree in mechanical engineering. Practically a licensed engineer.

And he needs to make some money soon to fix his car engine!

So I come to you asking for any ideas of what jobs and sites (e.g. could he work at, that could value his price per hour because of his technical specialization?

Any ideas will be great! Thanks :)

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How about craiglist?

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He may have to just get a regular job to finance his car repairs. I have this sneaking suspicion that there simply aren’t any opportunities for “nearly a mechanical engineers” to use their technical specialization to make fast money online.

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Perhaps tutoring first and second year students? What’s his work experience?

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He’s been working for a few years sitting people at a concert place. Nothing engineery…
Tutoring other students sounds interesting!! I’ll suggest it to him. Thanks!

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I’d like to know where this guy is. Because no one I have ever met has been eligible for being licensed simultaneously with graduating with an undergrad degree – I assume it’s undergrad because you’re screwed if you spent 5 years on an MS. Where I live, it’s 4 years of relevant work experience under a licensed PE plus a pass on the EIT just to be eligible to take the PE exam. Even if the requirement where he lives was 2 years, that’s pushing the limit of what is physically possible.

If he really does somehow almost have a license, there may be possibilities for online work. Every now and then someone wants something stamped. Still, if you have no liability insurance and you’re basically doing business as yourself, you had better know what it is you’re stamping because you’re sticking your neck way out there.

If he’s not actually close to being licensed, he will be hard pressed to employ himself. An unlicensed engineer is worthless on their own. He needs to work under a licensed engineer and that will require meeting face to face thus pretty much completely excluding work solely done online.

One potential option is to work as a CAD drafter or similar. That is work that can be done online, sometimes outsourced to independent contractors, and something you don’t have to be a licensed engineer to do. That’s not really making great use of the BSME though. In the long run it would be more efficient to seek immediately a job under a licensed PE and maintain a frugal lifestyle until the big bucks start rolling in.

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The way for an experienced, qualified professional to make money online is to network extensively and sell his services to those people who can benefit from it.

For an undergraduate student without a license, it would be a miracle.

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I can attest to everything @lilikoi said. In my state it’s 5 years relevant experience after the EIT pass to take the PE, although they do make some allowance for certain military MOS’s. Draftsman or work under a PE is his best bet for the time being.

An engineering BS with no license can get you in the door as a power plant trainee or some such; blue collar jobs that one could qualify for at far less expense than five years of college. The BS just qualifies you to take the EIT, which lets you be a supervised assistant for a number of years while you’re boning for the PE exam. It’s also a good idea to take the PE exam in a state that has reciprocity with many other states, not all do.

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Well we’re talking about the southwesternmost country in Europe and when I mean licenced engineer I just want to mean that he’s finishing a 5 year degree, I know there’s an additional credentialization by the society of engineers or something, that’s a totally different matter.

I suggested tutoring to him and he said he’s already thinking about that one… so yeah seems about it. Thanks for all your input!

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