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How do you know if a guy thinks that you like him?

Asked by Kkrazy55 (127points) September 2nd, 2010

In class today, I looked at a guy and he looked at me and I think he thought that I was staring at him because like him. I don’t like him. How do I know if he thinks that I like him? PLEASE help!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to have someone thinking I like them when I don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just ignore him from now on.

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Chances are he won’t. I’ve found that most guys assume that girls do not like them haha

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Boys don’t tend to overanalyze things the way girls do. He probably wonders what you were staring at.

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I generally go right up to people and say “I’m sorry. I feel like I may have been staring at you. Sometimes I get lost in thought and look right through people for the longest time without realizing it becase I’m so deep in thought.”

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And this is why many guys either believe or wind up believing that females are insane.

Let me put it like this; most guys will assume that any and all women like them, and this is especially true in high school.

Another thing is that us guys tend to be direct and are not into (possibly not even capable of following) all of the fractal possibilities and fantasies that a lot of females seem to live in. If you want to know whether or not he likes you, about the only way you’ll find out is to ask him. If you try to get into headgames or consult Cosmopolitan magazine for a guide into the how men think rather than just go the direct route, you won’t get anything even resembling an approximation of reality.

@BarnacleBill Amen!

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As a guy I know that the women like me. They can’t help it. and I don’t blame them a bit!

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I love Fluther when a new school year starts.

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It doesn’t really matter what he thinks if you don’t like him, you don’t like him.

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“Hi, i noticed that we were staring at each other, quite lovingly. I got the feeling you might like me, and maybe you think i like you back….? Well, i don’t.”

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@rebbel Sounds like a great line at the beginning of a romantic comedy.

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Don’t do anything. He hasn’t thought about it since. Trust me.

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