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What do you "pour, mix, season or shake on," of all things, that?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7790points) September 2nd, 2010

eggs, ice cream, french fries, steak, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc,
the list goes on and on.

what sauces or condiments do you mix with food? (it’s just , well, unconventional or not the norm), but it tastes so good!

you are at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table and you mix mustard with fries. you dip your fries in steak sauce. you put ketchup on your eggs. you shake salt into your ice cream.

what is your unorthodox mix of food and condiment? who do you “gross out” when you do it?

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I am a dipper with ketchup and Ranch.
A shaker of salt and pepper.
I season my steak,
I mix me a drink.

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I know someone who when he eats a tomato he shakes the salt on it at least 5 times for every bite he takes. Not even exaggerating.

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I like putting ketchup on my baked macaroni & cheese. If I go to Wendy’s, I get a frosty and fries and dip my fries into the frosty. I’ll also dip fries into milkshakes.

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My have to have seasonings/condiments are horseradish, garlic and hot peppers. I eat at least one of the three with every meal.

Garlic on my cereal is probably the most unusual.

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It’s not really weird, but I love dipping french fries in milk shakes. Chocolate and potatoes go together in a bizarre kind of way.

Nutella tastes good on almost everything. So does melted cheese. I imagine they would taste horrible together though (or would they?)

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@muppetish Actually chocolate and potatoes sound good. How about a potato sandwich with chocolate and a slice of honey baked ham.

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@muppetish yup, mcdonalds fries and vanilla shake to die for.

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@Seaofclouds yeah, um, something about cheese and ketchup. i will even taint good lasagna with a dipping side of ketchup.

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@muppetish i already know what you mean. the two are inseparable. it’s like candy corn and spanish peanuts. the sweet and the salty.

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I put black pepper in my cottage cheese (I’m not sure if that is normal.) Hot sauce on my eggs, though I think that one might be common.
I like mustard and dill relish with my bacon, on the rare occasions that I eat bacon.
I top my boca burgers with green beans. Does that count as a condiment?

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I never knew ketchup on eggs was unusual, I always have it on an egg sandwich and often on scrambled. I also like Sriracha sauce on eggs and most anything that needs a bit of a “kick.” My mom would often makes ham, green beans and potatoes for dinner and that is good with vinegar on it. Actually I like vinegar on broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and fish and chips too!

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mayo on chips, yesss @aprilsimnel!!! and pretzels…. delish.
kinda different but chips on sandwiches
hot sauce on everything (almost)
ice cream with my sprinkles ;)

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Best meal on earth:

Fresh mountain oysters sliced, beer battered and deep fried on warm bannock bread spread on one side with horseradish and with a sliced onion and peppers on the other.

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Never heard of bannock bread, what is that?

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Pan fried camp bread. You can also wrap the dough around a stick and cook it directly over the coals.

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Ahhhhh, gotcha, here they call it damper, that must be the same thing.

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Mayo, not ketchup, on my fries. In fact I never have ketchup, I can’t stand the stuff. Mustard on hot dogs (and quite a lot of other things). I’ll also put hot sauce on nearly anything.

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This may sound odd, and it did to me too until I read about it in Bon Apetite magazine. You take a nice bowl of vanilla ice cream, top it with some sliced fresh strawberries and then drizzle balsamic vinegar over it (not too much, maybe about a teaspoon). It’s delicous!

Balsamic vinegar is also good on baked sweet potatoes.

Salsa on scrambled eggs is really good too.

And a mixture of barbecue sauce and mayonaise is pretty tasty on French fries.

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