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Would you like a link to contact a moderator on duty?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33152points) September 2nd, 2010

There are times I would like to contact a moderator, but I have no idea who’s on duty. I often simply send a private message to Augustian, the moderator manager.

I think a link or a button to contact a moderator on duty would be a good addition to the site.

What do you think?

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That’d be cool.

Even cooler if it included Room Service.

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@bob_ : What do you want on that hamburger?

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That’d be really neat. Most times, though, it gets taken care of pretty quickly.
I think @bob_ would be ordering sandwiches. :)

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I just go to a chat room.

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@Trillian That hasn’t worked for me
I would love to have a Mod link. If it’s important, like a spammer, I use the contact button.

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Definitely check out the chat rooms, one of us will usually be in there!

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Like one of those panic buttons for old people who have fallen and they can’t get up?

Oh yeah, that’d be useful. Help, Mod, someone called me a name and I’ve hit the flag button but it’s not working fast enough. Help – and bring an extra life with you – I need one.

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@zen_ : You hit it right on the nose. Now let me hit you right on the nose. pow


I could use that extra life you promised the mods were bringing. The one I’ve got now is not fun.

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Yes. Exactly like @zen_ suggested.

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@hawaii_jake Just teasing – it takes one to know one – and hey, we’re both online at the same time. <<< Got as much life, or lack thereof, as the next jelly.

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@zen_ : Life? Is that what’s happening outside these four walls?

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Walls? I live in a yurt.

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Yeah. Yeah. I don’t care where you let the goats sleep.

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@zen_ – I spit beer up all over my keyboard. Frickin hilarious!

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As a mod, I would definitely like to see this. At least a publicly available email address for sending a note directly to all of the mods. That way, whoever is on site will see it immediately.

@YARNLADY It’s actually much quicker to flag a spammer’s question or answer rather than using the ‘contact’ button. Those emails only go to employees, so the volunteer mods never even see them. I’m usually responsible for responding to the contact emails, and if I’m not on when you send it, it may not be dealt with for hours.

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@ipso Such are the dangers of flunking.

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@zen_ Is drinking flunking? That’s not what I learned at all in college.

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I second flagging.
The flags get my attention and are my top priority.

I also haunt chat but not as often anymore. A direct email to me and you will wait in line behind forwarded jokes, art supply sales and friends wondering if I have a pulse.

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@augustlan @Dog OK, flag it is – I usually do both.

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