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Do we provide a chance for others if we respond flirtatious joke with flirtatious joke?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) September 3rd, 2010

It’s usual if we hear someone says “Hey baby,I’m single” or “Hi honey,wanna hangout with this handsome guy?” or ” I got a ‘big’ one”
We know they’re all flirtatious jokes and we can also respond with flirtatious answer but does it means we give them a chance to approach us/invite them for close relationship?
I know this could be differ from one person to another but I’m saying this in the context of good-looking stranger.

I usually silly enough to respond to these jokes with flirtatious answer (provided the one who say that is attractive enough) even though I don’t take it as serious matter. I ignore those who say in degrading manner.

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The most important thing in my relationship along with trust/respect is humour. My other half’s initial chat up line was “Nice legs, they would look good wrapped around my neck” certainly broke the ice and i laughed out loud. I am flirty by nature and don’t mind men throwing flirty comments at me i usually respond to them in the same manner.

Down right vulgar abuse from complete strangers is a no-no for me. It’s easy to tell the difference.

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We can all have a laugh & be flirty, just some people can over step the mark a little, by not being as sincere as they portray themselves to be, I tend to use tact when the odd occasion arises, when I’m in company for instance & I get some unwelcome attention……yes it has been known!… Smile, be polite & thank them for the compliment, move on :-/

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What you describe and are asking about is just flirting 101. If there is an interest, just do it!

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@Doctor_D, I believe you’re from Singapore. I’ve been to Singapore. I have to say that of all the possible wishes I have related to Fluther (e.g. seeing @Seek_Kolinahr naked, seeing @Cazzie naked, seeing @augustlan naked) [all married I believe – drats], my greatest wish here is to find out that you are actually an American, perpetrating a joke, and feigning a Singaporean accent.

I know it’s impossible. I know I’m half drunk. I just had to get that off my chest. I think that EVERY TIME I read a post from you, and for some reason, I love you for it.

Is that flirtatious enough? To whatever your post was about?

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I ignore anyone who says any of what you mentioned.I was always more attacted to the guy who spoke in a more normal way :)

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@ipso (Smile) I’ve been to Singapore too but I’m not a Singaporean,I actually from Indonesia. And that is flirtious enough,you even make me blush for awhile you naughty drunky @ipso… Maybe you’re naked now.

@lucillelucillelucille Don’t you like naughty jokes? ha ha ha… Never mind.

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I wouldn’t consider those examples as effective flirting, since I would consider anyone who made a comment like that to be obnoxious (ugh!). I guess I prefer a more subtle form of flirting.

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@Doctor_D -When they try to get my attention that way,I want to beat the hell out of them! ;)

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The three comments you mentioned would instantly turn me off from a guy, even if he was attractive. I wouldn’t flirt back, instead I’d either ignore him or say no and walk away. They seem more arrogant than flirty to me.

When someone is flirting with us and we flirt back, yes we are inviting them to keep it going. How far it goes is strictly up to us and it’s our responsibility to make sure the other person doesn’t overstep our boundaries.

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Do you mean “flirtatious”?

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Hi honey,wanna hangout with this handsome guy?” or ” I got a ‘big’ one” How would a man have to say this for you to consider it degrading?
I think that’s the wrong word, but whatever. One liners like that, to me, indicate; 1 lack of sincerity, 2. Lack of imagination, 3. Lack of discrimination – he says the same thing to everyone in the hopes that someone will bite.
Maybe you and I have different definitions for “close relationships”. Have at it.

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The three examples you provide would probably succeed in making me laugh, which is always a good ice breaker. Whether they might be gateways to a serious relationship? I have no idea. Now if someone walks up and says “Hey is it hot in here or is it just you?” the would probably have my heart forever.

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“Hey baby,I’m single” or “Hi honey,wanna hangout with this handsome guy?” or ” I got a ‘big’ one”

O_o. Those are not good lines. I don’t think most women where I’m from would react positively to those pick-up lines unless they had the lowest self-esteem ever recorded.

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Self- edited.

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@Trillian – you asked: “How would a man have to say this for you to consider it degrading?”

My answer – “Aloud.”

Of course, no one ever says things like that to me, so it’s a moot point. :)

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My idea of flirting is remarks that can be taken two ways and can make me laugh at myself. I love that zone. “want to hang out with this handsome guy” sounds innocent to me unless he’s pointing to his crotch. And, shame on you all, “i have a big one’ could be referring to his car!

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