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Why are servers so heavy?

Asked by ccatron (2073points) March 26th, 2008

I’ve been in IT for about 6 years now and I’ve never really understood what makes servers heavier than other computers. They have the same basic parts, so is it just the case? Is there a reason to make them heavier?

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The weight of a particular computer is mostly in the power supply and the hard disks. Quality servers have redundant power supplies and hard disks. Not to mention that server-quality power supplies tend to be loaded with more fail-safe mechanisms, increasing the weight.

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i’m in IT too and had to unload some new servers off a truck last week. heavy bastards hah.

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@soundedfury—I didn’t think about the power supplies and multiple hdd’s…It just seems like someone put lead into the bottom of the cases for some of the servers we have.

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Cuts down on theft? Hard to run with them.

Seriously, my guess is so they will remain rigid and not bend when pulled into and out of racks. I would attribute the weight to the steel chassis and not so much power supplies and drives.

Even 1u servers with 2 hard drives and redundant power supplies are pretty heavy.

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I think it’s so they don’t get moved around so much. I’ve actually pondered this before… Don’t ask!

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It’s in the redundant power supplies. Ever pull them out and feel how heavy those bastards are? Not to mention each drive pulls it’s own weight as well. We use HP DL360 blade servers, and they’re very heavy considering they’re only 1u!!!

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