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Can I state my opinion about a subject?

Asked by truetobeme (1points) September 3rd, 2010

Can you talk about anything on this site, post a comment?

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As long as you have read the guidelines and adhere to them, from what i’ve seen so far pretty much.

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For the most part, yes. Fluther does have Cyber Police that monitor all your questions and answers. personal attacks are not allowed and Fluther is one of the most respected sites on the web. if you are new…........welcome! john

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It’s designed to be a Q&A site, so you need to phrase it as a question. Things that look like blog posts or rants are usually returned to you for editing. If you’re answering a question, it depends on the category. “General” answers should be helpful and on-topic, “social” questions have more relaxed guidelines.

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Welcome! Be very careful how you phrase controversial questions, flame bait is not tolerated (wisely, IMO) but honest curiosity about other points of view are encouraged.

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I’m the boss. If you don’t understand something, PM me first.


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@zen_ : Sorry, fella, Picard carried more authority than Yahoo dude.

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Don’t listen to Zen… everyone knows that I’m the boss. ;)

For real, though, I’m the Community Manager here, so if you need anything, just send me a message. Welcome to Fluther!

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