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What part of your pet's body is your favourite? :)

Asked by NaturallyMe (4922points) September 3rd, 2010

Obviously everybody loves their entire pet equally. But…...which part do you fuss over the most.
I love their little wet noses, i have to touch them. Plus their noses are cute.

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I love my dog’s crinkly hound neck, which has very sparse hair, but is the softest part of his body.

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Their little soft ears, they feel like velvet.

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Her eyes, she looks at you with love and trust. We can tell by her eyes when she is happy. I stroke her snout between her eyes and she falls asleep and snuggles.

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Sadie’s blonde hair and has the whitest teeth I’ve ever seen on a dog.

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BBQed or broasted?

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@BoBo1946 Just teasing! Their eyes is my favorite part(s). Because they are so expressive and say volumes without speaking at all.

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the eyes, I know what she.s thinking and feeling when she gazes at me with her beautiful, clear brown eyes.

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Ears.She have big pointy ears of a pointer dog.

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Maggies smile…..and her nose.
and she had the hairiest ass…....

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Between her eyes. It’s the softest spot on her.

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Well basically her entire face is just drop dead gorgeous :¬)

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Both my dogs have lovely ears and Zara has the most amazing big Bull Terrier head.

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Bunny ears!

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Noses. They are so cute! Pinky’s is all black except one little pigment that is slightly brown. I touch their noses all of the time.

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I love kitteh bellies. 4 out of my 5 cats let me rub my face on their bellies. Sqeee.

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@bippee I KNOW! They’re irresistible! :)
@tinyfaery Hehe….everything about kitties is cute, i love them more than any other animals! :) Btw, what is sqeee? Your sound effect for cute stuff? Hehe. :)

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I love his not too small but not TOO big gut, which has a different type of fur on it and is soo soft.

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@tinyfaery My Staffy has no fur on her belly and her skin is very pink, it makes her look like a little pig!

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@Ben_Dover got’cha my friend!

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This is difficult to answer, because there are a few things I love. Her eyes are gorgeous; bright green with a ring of electric blue around the iris. Her fur is unbelievably soft, similar to rabbit fur. I adore her markings; she’s calico with multi-colored tabby patches, tiger stripes on her legs, and a raccoon tail. When you look at her closely, she has small patches and little dots (freckles!) in various places.. on her face, on a line on her foot.. anyway, she’s really interesting to look at.

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