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Have you been to Tidepool Fluther Help and would you use it if a mod hung out there?

Asked by Dog (24827points) September 3rd, 2010

Inspired by this question.

We have a chat room that was created just for users to get live help but it seems to not be used.

Because many jellies appear to want to have a mod available I was wondering if this chat would be a good place to make this happen.

If you knew a mod would be present would you use the chat format?

Would you rather use PM, email or live chat?

Any opinions welcome.

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I didn’t know that was even there! Glad to see it if I ever need it…

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Usually when I visit there would be no one there. anyway,I don’t really like to report something in Chat style,you know that other people will also see my comment (e.g. Hi Dog,please mod this person in this XXX thread,he’s being rude). I would prefer PM or email.

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I have used it several times today. I think it would make an excellent addition to fluther.

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@Doctor_D I see that point. Since the chat is public perhaps sending the mod in chat a pm with the information would be better in cases where a user is concerned about another user. Thanks for bringing that up- it is an excellent point.

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@Dog : This whole thread just reinforces my faith in Fluther and how you all work so hard to make it better for us. THREE CHEERS FOR @Dog AND ALL!
Hip, hip…well…you know the rest…

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I didn’t know it was there, either. Good to know. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to use the chat on the site, but I think having a mod/help chat available would be great.

And I also second what @JilltheTooth said, I have never seen a site before that is so dedicated to making members happy.

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I’d just like to mention, as a mod, that I’ll try to spend more time in that Tidepool chat. I know some users have come into the main chat (Watering Hole) for assistance, but I’m sure some feel like their issues may get lost in the crossfire of normal conversations there.

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I didn’t know it existed but I think a help service would be pretty useless without a mod.

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I have now! :-)

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yes… not having a mod is why I don’t go…

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I just used either Tidepool or waterig hole chat yesterday to ask a mod for help in removing a couple of my comments from a thread. I’m not so worried about what other people think, but if I wanted what I had to say to remain private I would just ask a mod to check his/her PM that I would be sending in a minute. You click the link and can see right away who is in the room.

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Newbies should use it; it’s a great way to get info instantly.

Jellies: Seriously now, isn’t flag enough? What is this kindergarden sandbox? Especially wis.dmers who used to live in a free-for-all, unmodded hell on earth website – do people seriously need to PM or email mods about something? Can’t you just flag a post for personal attack? Jeez.

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