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Instant messaging help!

Asked by pcbchambers (8points) March 26th, 2008 from iPhone

hi, I want to start sending instant messages to people but I don’t really know much about it. I was thinking about MSN as I think it is most popular among my friends but as I only have a gmail account and not a hotmail one, I don’t particularly want a new address, or is there a way to use MSN but keep my Gmail address? Someone suggested GoogleTalk to me which made sense seeing that I use gmail but I don’t know anyone else who has it, and you can’t IM people who have MSN from there right? So I was wondering if you could suggest an IM client that sounds right for me? Cheers

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adium on a mac
trillian on PC

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well, I have not used MSN in so long, but I think you can use your email you have now, if not, I think Trillin(sp?) will work too. But don’t quote me on that. I have not IMed anyone in so long! Now when I do I use iChat on my mac. That let’s you use any email and chat with anyone else on any account… With a bit of coding.

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You can make a hotmail address account but just not use it. That’s what I did.

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Unfortunately if most of your friends are on the MSN network, then you’ll have to subscribe there using an or email address (created when you sign up). You’ll then be able to use any messaging client that connects to the MSN network (Trillian, MSN Live Messenger, Meebo…)

After you’ve created your account, enter the Hotmail options screen and simply forward all emails from that account into your GMail account. Easy! Never have to go into Hotmail at all.

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If you’re using a PC, go for Pidgin. :)

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@adrianscott – My MSN address (different from my email) is registered after my dad’s company, instead of @hotmail or @live. Mine works fine ^^ I don’t know what the limits of this are though.

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Trillian or Meebo for all that multiple IMing :D

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@kawaii_ninja – thanks, I wasn’t entirely sure on that front… I was just judging by the sign up interface through

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i have people on g-mail chattign via msn and on msn it shows up as

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I use Adium and its great, I use it for AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and Myspace Chat. I have a mac though, I did see someone who answered before on what to use for PC. If you have a mac though, go for Adium

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I use the chat in gmail. I like having the discussions saved for easy searching later. It also supports aim which is where everyone I know is. I also really like the chat in skype. Its the best audio / video cross platform application.

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@jamms – even if you use Google Talk it’ll still store your messages in GMail for later! You aren’t limited to using the webpage-based messenger.

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@ardianscott.. i know, but i’m on a mac and google talk is not available. i have connection issues with gtalk and ichat integration. since i always have the browser open, it’s just easier for me. i have used gtalk for windows, it’s nearly identical to the web based version. i liked the e-mail pops it gives me, but otherwise, it’s a very stripped down chat client.

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I own a mac too – for that i just have a really bad version of Windows Messenger, which has been made compatible for mac. But it’s really rubbish – i wouldn’t advise it.

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