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If the web browser will be dormant in a few years, i'm curious as to what comes next?

Asked by lsdh182 (566points) September 3rd, 2010

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I’m all for progress, but something tells me that the next chapters are going to require further fees as we go along. Now that we’re all hooked, there’s not much ‘selling’ to do. It’s a love/hate thing.

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I didn’t think about that either, great answers thanks guys… it is definitely something to ponder.

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Why is the web browser going to be dormant in a few years?

Google has built its entire infrastructure on the web browser.

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Internet might upgrade in some ways but we’ve reached the information highway already.

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Since when have browsers been dormant? All I can see is an increase of use of browsers. The Internet is a way to transfer data from any computer in the world to another, and a browser is a client to view most of this data. From which source are you getting this idea?

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There was a Wired article about how the Web is supposedly dead because more data transferred over the Internet is videos nowadays.

But it was misleading, because Web use has also increased in the same time period. Just not to the same proportion as video data (because videos have huge amounts of data). Bytes is not a good metric to evaluate usage here. Also, it’s unclear how much video data was discovered through the Web.

I never did actually read the article, though.

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@Qingu Very true. That is a terrible representation of Internet usage data. If only we had more common sense majors in the media industry…

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This may be ridiculous but a collective OS would be pretty nice, some day.

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