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Is it worth it to get a DSi or DSi XL?

Asked by demonictruth (455points) September 3rd, 2010

So really I have two questions. Is it worth it to upgrade from a DS lite, and if so should I get the DSi or the DSi XL? I’ve heard they are pretty fun and upgraded but I don’t know if I should get them. What do you think?

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In my opinion, no. The camera on the DSi is not a very good selling point (my brother bought one a year ago – I still use my clunky, chunky DS.) I didn’t even consider purchasing the XL even though a larger screen would be kinder on my eyes. I’d stick with your DS Lite and wait until the 3DS is released in a couple years.

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I don’t think they are worth it either. By getting the camera, you give up the port for GBA games.

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I realize this. I’m planning on keeping my DS lite. I only want the upgrade because of my dad’s WPA security on the wifi. So knowing this is it worth the upgrade?

*take note I have a lot of fun, online-compatable DS games

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Get a DSi definatly. The DSiXL to me is a waste of time and it looks silly to have a giant DS with you.

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