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What are some of the best ways to impress a girl you like?

Asked by Eggie (5865points) September 3rd, 2010

I like this girl alot and we are just friends right now but I think that she has a thing for me because everytime we are together and I say something funny she touches me when she laughs and when I dont pay her any attention she says that she misses me, but when I try to ask her out on a date she rejects me so how do I get out of the friend zone? Should I even bother to persist and look for someone else?

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If you like her go for it and treat her with respect and laugh at her jokes!

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Depends on the girl. Different foods call for different recipes =D.

Get to know her, figure out what she likes and show her what you’ve got to offer. When all else fails, show em your boobs.

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Oh the possible scenarios…
1) She knows you like her and enjoys your attention, but has no intentions of taking it further but she gives you enough ‘signs’ to keep you hoping, so that she won’t lose your attention. If that is the case, you should leave well enough alone, you can keep the friendship but make opportunities for other girls to enter your life (if you want).
2) She is a touchy feely person, thinks of you as a good friend and really has no idea that she is giving you mixed signals. She figures she is turning you down when you ask her out, so you should know she doesn’t want to be more than friends. If this is the case, then you should talk to her honestly and let her know that you are getting mixed signals. If you guys are really friends, then be honest about this should only strengthen your friendship.
3) Some other scenario that I haven’t thought of yet…..

As for impressing her….I wouldn’t try, I’d just be yourself (I know it’s cliche). However, (and I’m speaking from experience) sometimes when a girl (or guy) is friends with a guy (or girl) and that guy (or girl) is always right there the girl (or guy) doesn’t realize what a terrific guy (or girl) she (or he) has right in front of her (him) until there is some distance between them and they have the chance to start missing the guy (or girl). I’m not talking about a hostile distance, just maybe have some other things going on that don’t involve her, give her a chance to miss having you around.

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Ask her out to a bar or somewhere (as friends) where you guys can have a few drinks, and she can loosen up. Then start puttin it on her, test the waters with a few lines here and there to let her know you got somethin else on your mind then just friends. She how she reacts.

I always like to test a few lines like, “you know you look really good tonight”, or if she has a BF, I always like something like, “You’re man isn’t gonna be mad is he you’re out here with me?”. Depending on her reaction will let you know if you should push it, listen to her body language ;p

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I personally think that she likes me but has bad encounters with other guys and she thinks that I fit that category. When I say that we are friends that doesnt mean that we know alot about each other. To tell the truth, I am on the lines of just making a safe distance and leaving her alone—its just not easy for me to do that—

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@wgallios I already tried that and when I did she said that she wasnt going and only when I said that I wasnt going to lime with her friends and her anymore she went back to hang out with her friends.

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She rejects you? Actually says no when you ask her to dinner? Or, wherever you have asked her out to?

An outright rejection makes it tough. I guess maybe ask her along to a function that other people will be at, so it is more of a group thing, less intimidating

I like men who are interested in many things, who are funny and witty, and who are honest.

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From what you just said, it sounds like she may be interested, but is trying to figure out what you are all about. If she has had bad encounters with other guys, then she probably is very leary and has some trust issues. My advice would be to stop pursuing her for now. Keep yourself in her ‘circle’ so you can develop a friendship and maybe down the road something will develop, but I wouldn’t pine away for her.

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Do you know what her interests are outside of work?

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@marissa That is exactly what I am going to do. I attend a college and when this semester starts I am going to keep a safe distance between myself and her because quite frankly I view myself as a good looking guy (not trying to be vain or anything like that) because I have had compliments from other girls and I think that I am too young to be pursuing someone who doesnt want me, so I plan to just have a “hi” “bye” relationship and if another girl comes my way then I jump into a relationship. If she likes me then she will make a move. Unfortunately I really like this one and although we havent passed the friend stage I think of her all the time lately…i was even seeing another girl and I was still thinking of her, so it would be very difficult for me but I have to do what i have to do to protect my integrety.

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I just wanted to know if there was a chance….

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Eggie there is always a chance. I ended up married to my best friend from college and yeah we really were just friends. We reconnected after graduation realized what we had and it’s been happily ever after ever since :0)

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Lean back dude. Don’t ask her out. Just enjoy her company and watch it progress naturally.

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Just be yourself, and don’t talk bullshite.

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She just might become interested in you if you start going out with someone else… (Not that you should date someone else for that reason, though.)

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The fact that you say “impress her’ says a lot. Don’t try to impress her.
You see I do what they can’t do, “I just do me”:

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@answerjill Thats a great Idea!!!

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@EGGIE The jealousy route might work, but for me it is playing a game. I hate games. Probably not trying too hard and deciding if she is going to play hard to get isn’t a game you want to play, your new found apathy might get her attention too. Right now she seems to have the power. My best relationships there was never a power play. Maybe I am overanalyzing.

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@JLeslie I have made the decision that even if I get another girl it will be about me and not her. I am a guy that is very straitforward and I dont see myself making someone jelous to get them to like me. My thing is, I have to look for someone who likes me and not look for someone who doesnt like me, cause that would only be wasting my time

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@EGGIE Good. When I met my husband our relationship was like the most natural thing in the world. We were attracted to each other, we liked each other more and more after spending time together, and after 17 years of marriage I still think he is awesome and love spending time with him.

How old are you?

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I am 25. Its just so damn hard and frustrating. I feel so angry sometimes cause I can never get exactly who I want to be with. I always have to look the other way.

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Its easy. Listen to what she has to say. I mean really listen to her.

Easiest way to get girls is be funny, sincere, and kind. Dont make it so obvious you want her, just be yourself.

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@EGGIE yeah it can be frustrating girls are complex, I know, I am a girl. Everyone is right to be yourself and listen to her and her interests.

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Why don’t you just go tock tua!!? How can she possibly resist dude :¬D

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I say, just maintain you friendship at least for now, and maybe somewhere along the road something will progress.
Like some people have suggested above me, you shouldn’t have to try to impress her.
Just sort of see how things go, and take from there…

Good luck :]

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@JLeslie – As I said in my post, I wasn’t advocating that he date someone else just to make her jealous. It may be a by-product, though.

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Research famous Lost Love Stories about the One Who Got Away, and then share them with her over your next ice cream together. Girls love Love Stories… They eat em’ up!

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@answerjill I know you did not advocate for it. :)

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Most girls are easily impressed by being treated with kindness and respect.

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Write a fictional story about her being captured and enslaved and forced into sexual submission. Hey, it works for me for most females :-p

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Ask her out not as a date but as friends at first. So you can show what fun and caring you are. I suggest you go shopping with her and say you would like some advice on clothes from a woman’s point of view, and say you’ll buy her lunch. Start with being friends and when she see how adorable and caring you are. It might be easier to snag her as your girlfriend.

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Yesterday I was with a group of her friends talking and she was there and over our semester vacation she was workin at the mall. So she said that she saw alot of people at school and I said I was in the mall too but I was downstairs and she asked why didnt I come look for her? I didnt reply…..does that mean that she feels the same way about me?

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Sounds like a int EGGIE. I would surely ask if she wants to hangout. Hangout then before you know you will be holding hands.

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I am more along the lines of playing it safe and letting her ask me out first. I will try and see if there is any place that she would be willing to go out with me.

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Today she wrote her name on my biceps. We were given text books and they were supposed to be signed by the author and she said that she wants to sign mine and i said i would rather you sign this instead….showed her my biceps and she signed it!!!! What do you guys think about that?

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