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What food do you absolutely LOVE the aroma of while it's busy cooking/baking?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4912points) September 3rd, 2010

I’m hungry and in the mood to talk about food. :)

I love the smell of frying onions and baking banana bread. Also, even though i don’t eat meat anymore, i love the smell of BBQing meat.

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I love the smell of frying onions and baking banana bread. Also, I love the smell of BBQing meat.
And of course any pastries or cookies just as they are ready…

Sorry, @NaturallyMe, but your answer was mine, word for word!

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Cinnamon rolls.

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Apple pie. Chocolate chip cookies. Buttermilk biscuits. Roast turkey! Anything with garlic in it.

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The smells of Thanksgiving. That and sugar cookies baking during Christmas time. <3

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I absolutely love the smell of the little smoldering desert brownie included in cheap microwave TV dinners.

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MMMM, bacon!

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I love the smell of fresh coffee.

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Anything with cinnamon/clove/nutmeg or honey.

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Frying onions and anything with sage.

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@Ben_Dover :D!
@tinyfaery oh yes, i forgot coffee, that always smells yum too. And bacon actually.

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Turkey. Unless I am frying it.

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I love the smell of rising yeast dough. Sure it smells great when baking, but there’s something really magical about the subtle smell of the rising dough.

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@josie What’s wrong with your turkey?

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Cookies, brownies, cakes, cupcakes, my husband’s chili, and lasagna. I even have a candle that smells like vanilla cupcakes so I can enjoy the smell without actually baking.

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Basically any sweet cakey thing baking in the oven smells delicious!!

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@NaturallyMe Nothing. My turkey is the best. But when it is frying, it doesn’t smell like turkey. It smells like peanut oil.

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Bacon, bread, coffee, cookies.

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Almost anything cooked over a wood fire.

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Marinara sauce.

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Pork tenderloin slow roasting in the oven is heavenly. A lamb roast is a close second.

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Anything that comes for a bakery. I love that smell.
Rooibos tea.

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Bread or cookies

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I jizz in my pants when I smell dutch nasi goreng with way too much sambal.

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Sautéed meat.

Sautéed garlic.

Sautéed anything really; asparagus…

A roast in the dutch oven.

Buttered popcorn.

I love the smell when making beer. It is an amazing thing. ~14 pounds of crushed barley steeping in ~153 degree water for an hour, and hops. Really smells up the joint good.

And Islay scotch.

Fried onions and bacon were already mentioned, but deserve to be mentioned again.

I’m going to lunch

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@stardust Rooibos tea is the best smelling thing in the world. I love it.

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Chocolate cake :)

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Anything Italian (especially when I’m the one making it).

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Right now the bacon wrapped dove breasts about to go on the grill are making me drool.

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Chocolate chip cookies and coffee

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Chocolate chip cookies and indian food.

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I especially loved the smell of my mom’s banana nut bread. It would fill the whole house.

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Any pork products, really
(Bacon, ribs, pork jerky….)

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Coffee, Onions and garlic sauteeing, apple pie.

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My wifes homemade southern cornbread baking in the oven. its the best smell on earth. period

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Pot roast. The smell is to die for.

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chai tea
onions, garlic, tomatoes slowly cooking over a medium heat.

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When I am hungry the smell of most food cooking is enough to make me drool! I l especially love the smell of a roast dinner in preparation, fresh bread, toast, English fry-ups etc

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@tragiclikebowie Isn’t it the best :)

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All food smells good. Even if it sounds like something nasty like liver EW!!

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