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Why do dogs (at least my dog) have webbed feet?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) September 3rd, 2010

Did they evolve from ducks?

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Bred water dog is why. I’m guessing you have a labrador or something close. And NO they didn’t evolve from ducks :).

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He’s a Wolf/Shepherd hybrid. And he’s got really big stupid webbed feet. Are you saying that all dogs don’t have webbed feet?

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Snowshoe feet, mostly from the wolf side. I used to have Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, they had webbed feet for the swimming thing. Man, could those dogs move fast in the water! Different adaptations for for different needs.

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See above. Lots of dogs have webbed feet. All retrievers do.

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Wow, @cprevite , you found a link for that? I am impressed. Way cool of you.

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@JilltheTooth @cprevite is pretty cool that way.

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All webbed digits evolved for swimming.
All tails evolved for balance.
All eyes evolved from patches of light sensitive skin.

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@Zyx : Care to back that up? My understanding is that a number of arctic mammals evolved webbed feet for locomotion atop snow.

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@JilltheTooth Snow is still water and though swimming might have been a poor choice of words I’ve evolved to go to any lengths to prove I’m right and then throw it in your face. That was the collective you, nothing personal.

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It’s hot and sticky here, feel free to throw snow in my face!...aaahhh…

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