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Why is watching someone take one in the nuts so funny?

Asked by majorrich (14711points) September 3rd, 2010

Watching a program on TV about 20 most stupid something. Without fail, there are several people who get their genitals punished severely. Why do we find that so funny? (Save for at least they are not your own nuts pretending to be tonsils) It seems to be independent of nationality. Sometimes these fools purposely abuse their genitals. One guy threw like a heavy bag off the roof directly on another guys crotch. I’m a little ashamed to laugh, although I do cross my legs.

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it’s just universally funny. like when someone farts. It never gets old.

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“WE” do not find it humerous to watch others experince pain.

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I have never found it funny. In fact I think it is quite vulgar, and I don’t know why these clips even make it into supposedly funny shows.

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I don’t necessarily find it funny, but as a woman, I might smile just a bit, only because it reminds me how very glad I am to have my “stuff” neatly tucked away inside, where it’s safe and not subject to the kind of ridiculous stunts men seem to find so entertaining.

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I think it is really dumb, but sometimes when I see it I can’t help but laugh.



I agree, I don’t find it funny either. It’s actually sexual abuse meant to be “funny”, but because society seems to accept the idea that it’s okay for men to “take the abuse and the joking”, most people turn a blind eye to it. It’s actually quite sad knowing how far we have sunk as a society within the last 45 years, to see jokes of this sort played out as “family entertainment” (eg., America’s Funniest Videos) on television and in many movies. You rarely, if ever, saw this in the media before 1965. People may have thought about it and even acted it out in real life, but it was never (or hardly ever) made into “public entertainment”.

Just imagine if we turn the tables and show women sexually abused for the “fun of it” on t.v. and in movies. “Let’s grab and twist her breasts and jab her vagina, or drop a fifty pound weight on the woman’s clitoris”. Can you imagine the outcry from people who would vilify THAT sort of humor?

Abusing male or female genitalia is never funny, and it shouldn’t be. We have to start teaching our kids that this sort of perverted humor is wrong, and reject what the media likes to give us as “acceptable entertainment”. I hope things change for the better, and that we no longer accept this kind of vulgar, coarse “entertainment” in the future.

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I never thought it was funny, and I don’t laugh when a comedian slips on a banana peel or when a trampoline act pretends to fall. However, I did laugh the first few times Dick Van Dyke tripped over the ottoman.

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@MRSHINYSHOES it’s always ok to abuse men, especially Caucasian men, never black dudes though, or women. The clips we see are of events that are freak accidents usually one in a million shot to the pills. And besides the guy gets up eventually…funny.

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I don’t think it’s funny at all.
I hate those shows that seem to think we all get our kicks watching men and boys get hit in the groin and children falling and getting hurt or getting knocked in the head.

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I think back and remember my dad telling me it was a rite of passage napping on the couch only to get head-butted or whacked to the jewels by the offspring. That was when I stopped Saturday afternoon naps. Kind of a funny thought, but off subject.


@woodcutter Sorry, but it’s never okay to sexually abuse men or women. And it doesn’t matter what color they are either.

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Well, one theory of humor is that we laugh at things that give us a sense of superiority. When someone falls, gets hurt, or looks like an idiot, we laugh because, well, sucks to be them!

I’m sure a lot of us have grown past this type of humor (as I can tell by these replies), probably because it’s so primal and humor has evolved so much. Of course, somebody still finds it funny as America’s “Funniest” Home Videos airs dumb shit like that all the time. That entire show involves pets doing something quirky, babies doing something quirky, or someone getting hurt. So lame.

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People often find humiliation of others amusing. Especially when they’ve earned it.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Typically its hilarious to watch this happen to men. if they got problem with it, they can take it to court, but obviously that hardly happens cuz its no big deal. the funniest part is when the guy getting hit there, is usually a snooty person who’s always telling people about morals and whats right and wrong. lol jus sayin. go ahead and tell me why im wrong and argue with this post, id love to hear it :)

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I don’t know but this is some of the funniest and darkest shit I’ve ever seen from the Three Stooges

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@MRSHINYSHOES who is talking about sexually abusing people here .Whoa there. The clips are of unrehearsed one in a million occurrences that although surprising and most definitely uncomfortable are pretty harmless. Cutting off someones bits with a machete is not funny and is not what this op was referring to. That wouldn’t even qualify as sexual abuse, would it, abuse yes. but not sexual.

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I agree with the majority, I don’t find people getting hurt to be funny.

I think the kick to the nuts brings out a mans fear of vulnerability and the laughter is sort of a nervous defense against something that really hurts and could be potentially damaging.



I also notice how it’s usually a lot of men who are the dummies who enjoy this sort of “humor”. It re-affirms my belief that some men never grow up, preferring to remain at the adolescent stage. Lol.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Or…it could be you have a lame sense of humor Lol. or.. possibly you do think its a chuckle but are too embarrassed to openly admit it to your over educated acquaintances?


@woodcutter At least I don’t have a perverted sense of humor. That’s even worse. :p

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Completely agree with @MRSHINYSHOES (although “sexual abuse” may be a bit of an overstatement)

His comparison is valid. You would never see such acts perpetrated against women on television (even by accident).

And don’t get me wrong, I love good slapstick as much as the next guy – but man on the street gets winged in the nuts is lazy, opportunistic swill posing as “entertainment”. It doesn’t even rise to the level of slapstick.

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@MRSHINYSHOES ha , you have no idea :D

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@That0neguy01 “go ahead and tell me why im wrong and argue with this post, id love to hear it”
Humour can neither be right or wrong, because it is a matter of taste. All you can say is that you don’t share another person’s taste. I don’t take pleasure in the pain and humiliation of other people, but if you do then I cannot say it is wrong (unless of course the individual rights of the victim have been violated).
Also, the id is Freud’s idea of subconscious primitive impulses. ‘I would’ is shortened to I’d.

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The Three Stooges like I stated is a perfect example. Maybe not a hit in the nuts but that’s some funny shit. We have a very popular television program dedicated to such accidents. I think “Jackass” is just beyond the line. Although you gotta hand it to Knoxville for pushing the envelope.


@SeventhSense Yes, do you notice that despite the violence in the Three Stooges comedy, you never see hits or attacks on the groin in those days? There is something particularly “off-putting” and immoral about sexual humor. That’s why people never showed it in those days. I’t’s only within the last 45 years that this phenomenon has taken root.

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It’s hardly sexual though.

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Hate it. they even have an animal blooper show that is disgusting.


@SeventhSense Anything that has to do with sex organs is sexual my friend. Lol.

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I think get hit on the nut is not funny at all. Although I must admit that get bitten by a dog on that sensitive part is funny. I tend to laugh when a dog in Barb Wire movie bite a thug on his genital part.


@That0neguy01 I hope you got my latest PM.

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What can I say? I’m naturally sadistic… and it reminds me of my younger self when I did a ton of stupid stuff that I find hilarious now.

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Umm…so a hysterectomy and a vasectomy are sexual.
You’re pretty kinky.

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I do not find stuff like that funny. When people deliberately do stupid things to get their 15 minutes of fame it is even less funny. In fact I do not even watch that type of stuff anymore. The most funniest moments to me is when someone isn’t trying to be funny (but I never laugh at somebody else’s pain).

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Personally, I do not find another person’s pain to be humorous, but sometimes people laugh, because laughing, can be the subconscious expression, of the sheer relief, that the pain is not happening to them.


@SeventhSense At last count, yes, they do have to do with sex. lol

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So by the same logic, when you take your children on a nudist beach with you that’s a sexual thing because genitals are on display?

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I never go to nudist beaches fo fear of sprouting wood. But I understand it happens all the time and regulars don’t care. But I doubt that gratuitous genital punishment occurs

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It’s quite specific to MR SHOES because there seems to be a real incongruence there with a previous post I remember. If genitals are always sexual as he claims then why would he expose his little daughters to sex?

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in Japan, we used a community bath. nekkid folks everywhere. I don’t recall that as being a problem. no gratuitous genital abuse there either.

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Exactly but OMG talk about some crazy off the wall funny shit. Check out the game shows in Japan.


@SeventhSense You clearly have the typical “North American hang-up” with sex. Don’t take every little thing that I say about bodies and sex so microscopically. Yes, genitals are the sex organs…..duh! And the word “sexual” doesn’t necessarily mean “having sex”. Lighten up bud!

Gee, having you stalk me is a lot scarier than your accusations of me “risking my little daughters to sex”. Lol.

I better leave now. I’m afraid if I utter another innocuous word, it might get misinterpreted or worse still, assume a twisted meaning.


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Hold on because you are off base.
That’s called a Red Herring and I have no such hang ups, nor any adversary position to your own, about bringing children to a nude beach. You were the one who said that references to the genitals was sexual. Surprisingly though you feel violence and medical procedures to the genitals is sexual. What???!!! I just don’t quite understand that unless one is into S and M or something. A punch to the nuts or having one tubes tied is a bout as sexual as watching paint dry to me. That’s all I’m saying.

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P.S.- Human sexual activities or human sexual practices or human sexual behavior refers to the manner in which humans experience and express their sexuality.(Wikipedia)
Sexual refers to having sex and the physiological response. Sex is more innocuous but not the term sexual. (He was of the male sex etc. )
Maybe this is a first language difference?

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