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What's your favorite non-standard chocolate treat?

Asked by Minute_And_A_Huff (588points) September 3rd, 2010

And by non-standard, I mean something you can’t find at the grocery store or WalMart.

Personally, I love Godiva milk chocolate truffles.

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I love Cadbury Flakes. I know it’s standard in the UK, but here in the states there are only 2 places within a hundred miles that carry the original.

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Mexican Hot Chocolate from Uncle Moe’s in Manhattan. Only in the winter!

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Gourmet Chocolate covered cherries.

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Pringles potato chips or pretzels dipped in chocolate.

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When I was in Savannah, GA for a concert at the Jinx (a dive bar in downtown, holy hell that was a fun road trip) we walked into this tiny little shop a couple of blocks away called “Gelat-ohhh…” We had panini, gelato, and this “Mayan Hot Chocolate” that, oh my galloping porkchops, is the greatest hot chocolate I have ever experienced.

This may have been tempered by the fact that we had just finished eating ice cream, outside, in January, in a much colder climate than we were accustomed to. However, I have since learned that chocolate, cinnamon, and nutmeg are definitely some of the components of the nectar of the gods.

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Admittedly, I’m not a chocolate gourmand… a Twix will satisfy my chocolate craving. Not to mention I’ve been nomming the bag of Willy Wonka Chocolate Waterfall Pieces all week. I’d love to try chocolates from different European countries though. Looking at pictures of confectioneries makes me drool.

@Seek_Kolinahr Thanks for making me crave gelato. Methinks I need to beg my friend to drive out to the shop she keeps raving about.

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Dinstuhl’s, a confectioner in Memphis, has fantastic chocolates.

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espresso beans with dark chocolate…...

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Chocolate covered chili peppers. Sweet and spicy all rolled up into one awesome treat. Win.

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I like espresso bean with milk chocolate. LOL @jazmina88

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@papayalily at a local farmers market. I’ve never seen them anywhere else.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Is it just like chocolate covered strawberries? I may be able to do that at home…

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@papayalily Yup. Give it a try, they’re amazing.

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