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How can i make fire from house hold items?

Asked by firemaker (8points) September 3rd, 2010

I have a light bulb, some double a batteries,electrical outlets, and old lamps. Can i make a fire out of any of this stuff? Is there anything else i can make fire from? I don’t have paper clips, steel wool, or 9 volt batteries.

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Do you have a cardboard egg carton, lint from the laundry dryer, and a little wax (plus a match)? We used to stuff the individual egg sections with the lint, pour a bit of wax in it, and then cut up the carton to use the sections to start a campfire in scouts.

You might also find something on this How To website.

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Are you trying to burn down a house?

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@Pied_Pfeffer If i had a match i would just lite a paper. Im locked upstairs with no lighter and badly need a cigarette.
@BarnacleBill thats a task for another time.

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The lamps and electrical outlets suggest a way to use the sparks, However it wouldn’t be too safe to light a cigarette that way.

I suggest you wold better off to use the computer to contact a lock smith online to come and unlock your door

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Are you out yet?

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smoking is bad macgyver

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