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Do you like impersonations and have you seen/heard any good ones lately?

Asked by zen_ (6273points) September 3rd, 2010

I look for them on youtube – can’t get enough of them.

Here’s a great Pacino

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I love impersonations.

Kevin Spacey on Inside the Actor’s Studio.
Sammy Davis Jr doing singing impersations.

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Kevin Pollak (“The Usual Suspects,” A Few Good Men) has Christopher Walken down cold—voice and mannerisms. It’s uncanny. Alan Arkin, too. Watch both here .

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Oh I love Chris Walken – ty!

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Darrell Hammond’s impersonation of Bill Clinton is the best.

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@muppetish I love that show to begin with because James Lipton cracks me the hell up, but I especially loved the Kevin Spacey episode, because of his impersonations. He’s so great. :D

The other day I heard Benedict Cumberbatch’s Alan Rickman and was pretty tickled by it.

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Here’s a rising star on the stand-up comedy circuit in LA. His name is Piotr.

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I love DeNiro impressions….This one is spot on! This one though is amazingI thought it was really Bob!

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John Sessions doing an Alan Rickman impersonation. Pretty funny.
I know people have said Kevin Spacey, but the SNL one about the Star Wars auditions. :)
I also think that Bill Hader on SNL is pretty good, as well. I wish I could find the video where he checks his bank balance as Al Pacino.

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@py_sue THANK YOU. Oh, man. I was trying to think of the other Rickman impression that I loved and I couldn’t come up with who did it or where I’d heard it to save my life. But that’s it. John Sessions on QI. ♥

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