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What kinds of things do you deem to be newsworthy on Facebook?

Asked by wundayatta (58604points) September 3rd, 2010

It seems to me that other people constantly have things to share—often things it would never occur to me to share. Others seem to respond to these things, though, so I feel like there’s something I don’t understand.

It’s not like talking about the weather, although some people do that. But it’s a kind of attention to the minor events of life that are hard for me to even think of.

How do you decide what to share? What is your standard? Can you give me any guidance about what to share on fb? Or how much to say?

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I post anything and everything that comes to mind.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the majority of my facebook “friends” have probably blocked me from their feed, or at least considered it. ;)

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My grandfather once referred to facebook as “the world’s longest ongoing autobiography.”

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I share nothing. I do not expect people to care about the minutiae of my life, nor do I understand this seemingly mindless need to keep the rest of us updated that so many seem to have.
I find it juvenile and trifling. I only keep my accont open at the insistence of my kids and it never ceases to amaze me the “friend” requests that I get from total strangers, many of whom seem to be twenty year old girls with apparently no clothes. What the…

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I pretty much do the same thing as @TheOnlyNeffie and I am fairly positive I have been blocked from feeds (and I have blocked other people from mine for the same reason.) If something is relevant to my interests that I feel like posting, I’ll post about it. I know during the World Cup, people were positively annoyed by me.

Weather can be pretty newsworthy sometimes, actually.

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Sometimes I post book quotations or song lyrics that are relevant to my day…aha! moments (how little space tomatoes take up after you dry them in the oven, new store that opened up, what really happens if you…), youtube or TED videos, with commentary, things I notice on FB related to how they profile me that sort of thing. I try to be somewhat humorous, or say something nice.

I usually post something 2— 3 times a week a the most. My daughter’s friends tolerate me.

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I post stuff for different reasons. I do status updates sporadically whenever I have something to share (usually a few times a week), I try to be witty/funny with them in hopes I can make my friends laugh.

Links, videos, websites, etc., it depends. Maybe it’s a cause I think is important, or a song that really speaks to me at the moment (or I just want to share a good song, or make you laugh), or a super hilarious video, or a noteworthy news item that should be heard and discussed..

My friends and I seem to have the same posting style, so it works out. Kind of part blog, part playground (with the games, quizzes, and memes), part way to share photos with all your friends at once.

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Honestly, nothing.

I post some of my photographs when I get the free time because I like getting the feedback – but that’s about it.

My day-to-day comings and goings are hardly newsworthy IMHO and I would never think to post tgem.

That being said, I do enjoy reading certain updates from other people.

However, things that’ll get you unfriended in a second :
• publically grousing about your SO. not cool in my book.
• talking about your sex life (crass).
• “Vague-Booking”. Thinly veiled cries for help will fall on my deaf ears.

But hey, to each his own.

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I’m not sharing anything on Facebook, anytime.

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I generally post in a kind of “news on my life” way. Not in a “this is what I’m doing right now” kind of way. So, new job, health status updates, big news in my kids’ lives – one to three times a week. I also post things I think everyone should see/read/watch – websites, TED talks, political stuff. Every now and again, I just want to bitch about something… like how much being in pain sucks. I just realized that those posts could be seen as ‘vague-booking’, but honestly they’re not meant to be. I always assume everyone knows what I’m talking about (I have fibromyalgia), but of course many people don’t. I guess if I’m gonna’ bitch, I should give a more thorough explanation. :p

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Most of my facebook friends are from a particular social circle, and most of my posts are things like “Heading into town in an hour, anyone fancy meeting me for a beer?”

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I hate FB. I won’t say I always will – but for now I can’t think of anything I’d want permanently available for the world to see. I can’t think of a more impersonal way to share something. I want to show you some new pics? I’ll email them. I want to wish you a cheap and quick Holiday greeting, I’ll email or text you. The rest I can fluther.

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