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How many of you eat a 'good' breakfast?

Asked by faye (17832points) September 3rd, 2010

Inspired by a previous question. My stomach absolutely does not want, and never has wanted any food in it for 2–3 hours at minimum after I wake up. If I eat, it makes me feel bloaty and half-sick. I’m happy to go empty until lunch. I think being a nightowl is why. Some of us don’t do mornings, including food.

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I do. I usually eat a bowl or two of some whole grain cereal and a couple of pieces of fruit.

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I’m the same way and unfortunately, so is my son. Neither of us like to eat anything when we first get up. I make sure he takes a good snack to school with him since he has snack time at 9:30am. I know how yucky I feel if I force myself to eat breakfast first thing in the morning, so I’m not going to make him go through that as well.

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I do during the school year, but not summers. I sleep through breakfast time.

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If I wake up before 8:30 or so, I feel the same way. Lately I’m getting up 9:30–10:00 and I’m hungry by 11:00. So most days, it’s brunch for me. Whenever I do end up eating before 9, I digest it extremely quickly and I’m hungry again in 45 minutes.

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My stomach is screaming at me the moment I wake up. I usually shoot for some egg whites, whole grain cereal, yogurt, toast, and an orange. And the not so healthy part: 5 – 7 cups of coffee.

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I’m the same way, only I get debilitating stomach pains if I eat within that block of time. They are so bad sometimes that I double over in pain and can’t even move.

Three or so hours after waking, I can eat anything just fine. No doctor has been able to figure out what the deal is yet. Hey, I’ve been like this since 3rd grade and I ain’t dead yet, so whatever, nothing a little Pepto can’t fix, and I hate breakfast food anyway.

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I know that it’s good for you…but, I don’t eat more than I eat. Cream of wheat with fresh blueberries…a fresh tomato with a little bread and mayo….I’m easy, but a little picky about what I eat at breakfast.


I like to eat eggs for breakfast, nearly everyday. Scrambled, sunny side up, hardboiled. You name it, I eat it. Eggs are pretty wholesome. I don’t worry about the cholesterol thing because I swim a lot, lift weights, and get a lot of exercise.

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I usually only eat oatmeal as my breakfast,but most of the time I will only drink plain water or juices as I deliberately miss my breakfast.

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I have a hard time eating right away, I have brunch. Sometimes brunch is breakfast food and sometimes lunch food.

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Oatmeal and bananas every day. Sometimes I add blueberries and walnuts, pecans or cashes.

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I eat when I’m hungry and not by the clock, so if I’m hungry when I wake then I eat. I got up at 4 am today and I was hungry so I ate an orange. I’m not going to deny myself food because it is ridiculously early.

I try to eat healthy but that doesn’t always happen (by good do you mean healthy)? Some mornings I will eat leftover dinner from the previous night. One morning this week I ate spaghetti & meatballs. Another day I ate egg whites wrapped in a flour tortilla. Some days I eat 2–3 hours after waking. I’m not beholden to the clock.

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My stomach also hates food in the morning, it has for as long as I can remember but I make myself eat anyhow since what I eat for lunch is usually garbage. I eat a yogurt, usually with a banana but sometimes just the yogurt and a coffee or hot tea. Once my stomach wakes up a few hours later then I’ll try to eat something else. Breakfast is more like a series of snacks until it’s at 100% working order.

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I do. I usually eat an hour after I wake up. This morning, I had an egg sandwich with bacon and orange juice.

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I usually get up around 7am and have breakfast at about 9. I usually have toast, an egg sandwich or something like that. I don’t do sweet things.

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