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How many of you get Monday off for Labor Day?

Asked by Frenchfry (7569points) September 4th, 2010

What will you be doing? Any Plans?

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Yes, I have off. My daughter & hubby start school the following day so Monday we’re planning on hanging out at home. Was going to hit the beach Sat or Sunday but hurricane Earl messed up those plans. The water is too rough and there are riptides. Safer to stay home.

Now I am going back to bed. catch you later

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I will be working on the crushed stone driveway I am putting in. Earl brought some rain yesterday so I had to quit early.

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No Labor Day in the uk, but we did have a bank holiday last Monday, where most people get the day off. I went away for the long weekend to Cornwall. :-)

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government worker, US, resting up from Saturday and Sunday!

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Yes! At my company, we say OOO for PTO (out of office for a paid time off).

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Not me but I’m off for the weekend at least.

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I’m technically off work, but I’m going in anyway to work on helping the youngling learn to crawl some more. But I’m allowing myself enough time to sleep in until about 10:30!

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Our kind of business gets only the big holidays off like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m actually working double shifts through Tuesday to cover for people who wanted to take time off anyway.

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@Neizvestnaya Double shifts! Yuck! On Labor Day weekend unheard of.
@harple What is Bank Holiday? Actual banks take a holiday, so do you.

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@Frenchfry yes – on specific days through the year (most commonly Mondays, but Boxing Day, for example, also counts as a bank holiday) the banks are closed, and businesses also close… shops open, of course, but typically only do Sunday trading hours, ie reduced hours. Most employers give 4 weeks paid holiday plus bank holidays. There are 8 permanent bank holidays, but these include Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

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@harple Dam Harple I want to live where you live. I would get to spend more time with hubby.

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@Frenchfry Come on over! I’ll put the kettle on…

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