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Who wants to welcome a "worried" Jelly matchmaker to the mansion?

Asked by JilltheTooth (19727points) September 4th, 2010

A love for Panera coupled with concern for his fellow Jellies makes this WorriedGuy one of my faves…Congrats!

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Perhaps in your honor I should finally go out and find that geocache that you so kindly went out of your way to give me the coordinates for.

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Congratulations @worriedguy!! Great work.

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You can stop worrying now you made it to the mansion! Congrats to you on the 10 grand there! Very nice work you do here!

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YAY!!! Congrats to you! Doodly Do!

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Always thoughtful, always kind and a great friend in real life, I’ll bet….

Congratulations, Worried Guy!

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Congrats Worriedguy! Your contribution to the collective has been wonderful. So glad you joined and stayed.

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Don’t worry, be happy @worriedguy ! Congrats my friend!

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@JilltheTooth Thanks for noticing and hosting the party. I’ll bring the brie.

@TheOnlyNeffie Hey, There is no rush on the geocaches. They are waiting patiently for you whenever you feel like taking a short walk. Take your time and pick a nice sunny day. Enjoy.

@FireMadeFlesh And thank you for your thoughtful answers

@py_sue Doddly Do to you too. From an Eastern Screech owl.

@janbb Thank you for noticing. I do try to be a friend.

@Cruiser Thanks. Actually I stopped worrying about 8 months ago when everything turned out OK. The name just stuck.

Oh gosh! I’ll have to get back to this later. I have to head out now. Thanks everyone!. I’ll be back!

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Congrats! I enjoy your insight and answers :)

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@worriedguy : Whoop! and Holler Yippee! Congratulations!

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@worriedguy, congratulations of quite an achievement! You always give good posts! I enjoy reading what you write. You are a great addition to the collective.

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You don’t need to worry anymore!

CONGRATS @worriedguy !!!

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Wonderful @worriedguy! Welcome to the mansion!

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Yay! Congratulations!

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Congratulations, @worriedguy! There’s no need to worry, I’m sure everyone will love you in the 10k mansion! :D

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Way to go! Enjoy the mansion, worry-free

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Hey, @worriedguy! Congratulations on 10K!

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Congratulations! Excellent work!

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Congratulations @worriedguy!!

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Well done, sir! Congrats!

@rebbel Bwahahahahahahahaha!

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Congrats. The 10k is much deserved.

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Worried but very smart man!! Congratulations WG!!!

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@worriedguy – worry no more!! You’ve made it. Congratulations.

Perhaps now you could be @mildly-concerned-guy

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Congrats @worriedguy for 10k enjoy the mansion

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@worriedguy Gads am I relieved you’re finally here in the mansion. Without you I’ve had to worry about looking busy while Fluthering all by myself. I have a whole list of things I can now let you worry about for me. :-)

Way to go!

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Congratulations! Your contributions to Fluther postings have been invaluable for me.

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Welcome to the mansion and congratulations!

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One less thing to be worried about, @Worriedguy. Congrats!

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@chyna Thanks for your comments. That is one lucky boxer. You are one Chyna I promise to never complain about.
@Facade And thank you for keeping me up to date with what’s going on in the younger world.
@BoBo1946 If 1946 is your birth year I hope you know your PSA. That was my original worry.
@Steve_A Your insights aren’t too shabby yourself mate.
@hawaii_jake I’m coming to the luau to celebrate.

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@worriedguy: I just checked, there’s a bit of that pig left and @seaofclouds is still there with her fabulous MaiTais!

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@Kayak8 Every time I see your dog face avatar I have to smile. Some day we need to talk about Japan.
@rebbel Thanks for your insights from the other side of the Atlantic. We’d be hard pressed to find a cooler place to live. Keep you address on the map. You might get a visitor if we decide to do a Fluther world tour.
@marinelife It is I who should be thanking you for all you do here. Hey, while I have you on the phone is your avatar a fluther of Portugese Man of war?
@bvdshec17 Thank you for your technical questions. I really like your washing machine question. That was something that might actually improve the world.
@KatawaGrey Love your answers but, I do wonder if you are grey why is your face blue?
@syz I can’t help making that szzz sound when I see your name. It tickles. Thanks!

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A month ago, when I was very new, you kindly made my day worthwhile!

You are where you truly deserve to be, my friend, congratulations :-)

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@mangeons I hope you finally figured out how to operate your iPod with all the bells and whistles. I’m pretty sure there’s an app for that.
@tedibear You always bring the animal lover perspective to the party.
@aprilsimnel Did you ever write that TV show? Here’s an idea for you… how about a show that’s about nothing? Nah, that would never work.
@Bluefreedom Thanks for what you do and have done. It is appreciated.
@Seaofclouds The name is beautiful. You always bring the young parent perspective to the collective.
@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Some day you will have to tell what the facilities are. Maybe we can discuss it in a room at the mansion.

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@tinyfaery Thanks for bringing perspective from the other side of gender divide. That is so important.
@Aster You are too kind. But flattery will get you everywhere. It takes one to know one.
@cprevite I’m actually not worried any more – OK, mildly-concerned is a better fit. Thanksk fr the idea.
@shego Thanks for your wishes. I am enjoying the free wi-fi in the mansion. Is it shego, shegoing, shegone?
@ETpro Our ancestors must have swung from the same trees. Your answers are often just what I was thinking. Mind meld? I wouldn’t worry as much if you phoned home every once in a while.

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@worriedguy those are good. Lol I never thought about that about but I guess it’s shegone from a bad relationship, and shegoing to the future. So I stick in the middle and say shego for her dreams.
Once again congrats on 10k.

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@worriedguy !
Wow another one of my favorite fluther guys!

I always look forward to reading what you you have to say.

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Congrats @worriedguy nice job :-)

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@worriedguy Congratulations! You’re such a great asset to the “community” here. You’re just about as smart and as knowledgeable as the come. It amazes me what you know sometimes.

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Congratulations and thanks so much for the wonderful contribution you make to Fluther! We’ll have to have coffee some day in the mansion parlor. ;)

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I am glad you are still around this place and that you are not where you were when you started this place!


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Congratulations, mildly concerned guy! Glad you are improving your outlook.

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Don’t worry, be happy! You’ve just reached the pinnacle of your young life! (Well, let’s hope not.) Welcome to Club Ten-Kay!

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Congratulations @worriedguy and thank you! :)

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@Pied_Pfeffer Thanks for finding my info invaluable. I promise you will not be charged.
@faye Loved your answer. If you came to my place you could clean all you want. That would make us both very happy!
@JLeslie It is always a pleasure to get your take on all things political. You are certainly in the right area.for it. Enjoy.
@Austinlad Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch. -You’ll make a great one. “Catch” that is . The “find” is still waiting for you in Panera’s parking lot.
@harple I am glad I could make a difference in your day. You made one in mine.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Thanks you for always adding color in places where mere mortals see only black or white.
@loser Hey, I’ll trade you a gall bladder for a prostate. Deal? Hope your part came out as easily as mine.
@wilma The prices are going up faster than inflation so get extra boxes of the stuff while you can. I hear they might be limited some day. Peace.
@OreetCocker I liked your recipe for salmon. I even tried it except I didn’t have the corriander. Maybe next time. Thanks.
@lillycoyote My knowledge comes from years of experience in a wide range of technical fields. Physics, biology and chemistry make the world go ‘round. Well, friends help too.

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@MissAnthrope I’ll be in the parlor eagerly awaiting your arrival Caf or decaf? Wildlife biology and a list of brain crushes! The conversation would be wonderful.
@liminal I’m glad I’m still around, too! Dodged that one. Whew!
@wundayatta The man with a 1000 words and faces. I’ve given you and your predecessors more lurve than a weekend at Woodstock. Thanks for your insights.
@AstroChuck You may be just a little kid but please get your PSA checked. Don’t make me worry about you.
@stardust I hope you passed through the crisis and are back swinging on stars. You know where you can find support.

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Don’t worry, be happy!!
You are so awesome.
Guy guy Bo Buy!!
10K so high!!


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@jazmina88 Let’s meet for sushi some day. We can discuss Bach and hopefully you can explain the trick he pulled in his Endlessly-rising canon. I’ll have toro, please.

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@worriedguy Don’t worry yourself about that. It’s a sign of the time. Every time I phones home I get voicemail.

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@ETpro At least voice mail beats a text. I’ll mail you a Speak and Spell if you need it.

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@zen_ Congo anywhere the parole officer allows. ;-)

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@worriedguy- I have the prostate of a six-year-old. Don’t worry about me. In fact, stop worrying so damn much in general!

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Sorry I’m so late! Congrats, WG. You’ve been a great jelly friend! :)

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@worriedguy haven’t had it checked in a year, but certainly understand your concern.

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@mrentopy Of course you know that you are already Fluther’s most eligible bachelor. I’ll be your wingman. The “find” is still waiting for you in Panera’s parking lot.
@augustlan Thanks for your well wishes – and all you do. I’m honored to enter the mansion. Do I get any “get out of moderator jail free” cards?
@casheroo Thanks. Take the day off and lay on the beach. My treat.
@ChazMaz High Power rocketry and NRA. Boy you and me gotta talk!

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@AstroChuck That is a relief. I’m not even going at ask how the doc did the DRE. I think people end up in prison for that.

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Uh I late… But I worry about you,so congratulation!

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This is an amazing, amplitudinous, astonishing, astronomical, awe-inspiring, beatified, bizarre, boundless, breathtaking, colossal, cosmic, daunting, eerie, elevated, ennobled, enormous, enshrined, exalted, excellent, formidable, galactic, gargantuan, gigantic, glorified, grand, heavenly, honorable, huge, immeasurable, immortal, imposing, incredible, infinite, lofty, mammoth, massive, mighty, monstrous, monumental, mountainous, moving, mysterious, overwhelming, prodigious, stirring, stunning, stupefying, stupendous, sublime, terrific, time-honored, titanic, tremendous, unbelievable, uncanny, unutterable, venerable, voluminous, and wonderful accomplishment !!

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