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What comes to mind when you think of prom decorations?

Asked by mollykate (6points) March 26th, 2008

we are throwing a prom themed party and want to make it as authentic and cheezy as possible!

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Mirror balls, glitter and silver and purple ribbons. Maybe even bubbles.

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byramids and used condoms in a hotel room?

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Lots of balloons and streamers!!!

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Streamers, a fake European landscape background for the photo shoot, punch bowl

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tacky decorations, bright lights, and loud music!

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Big cardboard cutout castles or other big props. Lots of balloons, streamers, lights, and just a little alcohol.

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lame decorations, strobe lights, loud music, drama

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how about an awesome set up for the (hopefully) kick ass dj?

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the Eiffel Tower, cardboard of course, streamer, stars, silver and gold, balloons, table weights, cheesy picture frames and shot glasses with theme etched on them.

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