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Have you gotten so used to the speed of compter operation that you consider it a waste of time to always log into your favorite sites?

Asked by Ben_Dover (4208points) September 4th, 2010

You know; you logged out or cleared your history last time so now you have to type in your user name and password again. Does this seem to take forever and frustrate you?

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No, for me it doesn’t take forever because i use the Opera browser which has a Password Manager as do most (if not all) other browsers..
So i just have to click one button to get logged in to all the sites for which i filled in my passwords and usernames.

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I clear my history, and most sites still remember my password. Same with emptying my cache.They don’t forget unless I manually delete it from some hidden place (I’ve forgotten where).

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You know, it does. For some reason my browser is set not to save my sign ins and passwords so I have to log in every time. Internet security be damned – I am lazy about it and would really appreciate just staying signed in.

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Considering how difficult it is to gain access to my system, I don’t clear my stuff the way I would on a shared system, so I have my “low security” stuff on automatic and consider typing in my info for higher security stuff like online banking to be no more of a hassle than whipping out my car keys when I want to drive.

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