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There are ninety Pringles in a can. Or are there?

Asked by rebbel (28474points) September 4th, 2010

I don’t know, i never counted them, but apparently there are ninety in.
My question:
Do you ever question the stated contents of whatever products?
Be they Pringles, ear wax sticks, 1000 sheets toilet paper rolls.
Possibly you don’t, but then what is something that you have asked yourself if the stated amount or weight is correct.
Do you care in the first place about it or don’t you give a damn?

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Only if it seems significantly less. I do count them when it’s like 24 cans of cat food in a case, but the case is not priced alone.

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Well, I didn’t give a damn but I guess now I’d better go count the sheets on my TP roll. There goes the rest of my day while I count stuff…

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Don’t know, all I know is I take 90 seconds to consume the whole lot!

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@JilltheTooth Man, don’t you hate it when you loose days cuz of counting shit?

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@papayalily : Imagine my surprise to learn it was the 3rd millenium!

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You make me want to get a can and count. I have felt cheated. at times I ate it already and could not go back and count, and I think of that too late. I do care. I hate being cheated.

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Even if it less, who cares? If you do like Pringles, you’re gonna buy it, even if there is only 89 pcs in a can…

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Don’t have the time to count chips, so not a priority.

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I thought these things would or should be regulated and computer controlled, but I watched a show on how Hershey’s chocolate bars are made, and a woman just “tosses a few” almonds into the mold, sometimes it’s 3, sometimes it’s 8. As a kid I used to feel the back of the bars to count the almonds (which I love) before deciding which to buy. Many products vary quite widely and are filled visually by a human, not individually counted by a machine.

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is there really two scoops of raisins in raisin bran?

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@talljasperman : Absolutely! They use the “arbitrary scoop” to measure. ;-)

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I just assume the count is off. Many things are packaged by weight, and by the time I am through with them, there will definitely be less than ninety Pringles.

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