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Is there a website where I can find out the annual revenue of a company?

Asked by occ (4080points) March 9th, 2007
My non-profit has been offered a chance to enter into a publicity partnership with an athletic supply company, but I"m not sure how big that company actually is. I'm interested in finding out how much revenue they bring in annually, how big the company is, etc, but don't want to ask the company directly and reveal how little I really know about them. There's no way to find it on the company's website. Is there a public website that offers that kind of info?
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If the company is publicly traded, Google Finance should have revenue information.
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You may also want to check Hoovers.
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If you have a brokerage house you use, someone there can access the annual reports for you.
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One can get that kind of company info off, but I think you need a law student with a password. Like me. Email me the company name, O, and I'll pull it for you.
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NOTE it must be a public company I believe. If it is private it operates under different rules and info can be impossible to get.

A public company has sold a portion of the business to the public via an initial public offering. IPOs can generate intense news coverage, such as Google’s (nasdaq: GOOG – news – people ) recent deal, and going public can be seen as coming of age for companies in hot sectors.

A private company is held by a handful of people, often the founder and a few others.
Many believe privately held companies are small and of little interest. There are tons of small companies but some big names are also privately held, including Cargill, Ikea International, Mars and Hallmark Cards.

EXCELLENT EXPLANATION Public versus private companies
A public company usually refers to a company that is permitted to offer its securities (stock, bonds, etc.) for sale to the general public, typically through a stock exchange

For example if it was NIKE

The reuters site is excellent for research

Nike, Inc. – Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background Information on Nike, Inc.

Motley Fool great site

Business Week Nike Inc.

SWOT Analysis Nike, Inc.

The Wall Street Journal

Financial Times Great Graph

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