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If you could re-play any part of your life what part would you replay?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) September 4th, 2010

Okay well I’ve been thinking of this question for awhile…But if you could replay any part of your life what part would you replay?? Like for instant I would replay when I got my first Full Combo on RockBand Haha, or some other good times of my life, just can’t remember that well right now. But what part would you replay in your life?

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The part where I answered this question.

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Meeting my husband for the first time.

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Does it have to be replayed like a movie? As in exactly as it originally happened? Or are we allowed to go back with our own personalities and consciousnesses and change things?

If the former, I’d go back to my freshman year of highschool.

If the latter, I’d go back to my freshmen year of college.

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I would replay anytime in my life when i saw my Dad. Even if it was a bad moment.

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@daytonamisticrip aww I like your answer…. I would do the same maybe….

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- Anytime I went scuba diving
– A road trip some friends and I took to Glenwood Springs
– The first time I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail
– Summertime when I was a child. I could really go for some days filled with nothing but riding my bike around, playing hockey in the cul-de-sac, eating popsicles, and catching snakes and bugs behind my house. Good times.

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my childhood! for some reason lately i have been missing it soo intensely, and different stages at different times. i’d like to go back to having a saturday night as a kid, waiting for the babysitter to come and my parents to go out; or the saturday nights when i was a little older and had the big, scary, dark house to myself and curled up on the couch watching a movie or some good nickelodeon… i also wouldn’t mind going back to the end of high school and having a saturday night with him

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How I handled matters after my children’s mother and I divorced. Sorry, I can’t offer any details.

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My first steps. I wanna know how that felt.

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Outings with my family when I was young—to drive-in movies, to get ice cream or watermelon, on picnics, and to restaurants. I wouldn’t change a single thing.

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The end of last semester when my boyfriend and I spent every day together. We’ve been apart for 2 months now, with 2 more to go, so I miss our togetherness. One weekend when my roommate was away, we practically lived in my bed, snuggling and watching Seinfeld and only leaving to get food and take care of hygiene. That was a great weekend :) Also, our first date was pretty amazing. I’d do that again.

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The part where I was at the altar for my first marriage. Moments before I said “I Do” so I could then correct myself and save myself a few years of misery and say “I DON’T”.

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I. Loved. the. 90’s.

I want 1990–1999 back, or I would at least like to relive those years. I don’t know whether the world is different, or if I’m different, but I really miss the time I felt like the world held so much promise. I miss a lot about those years, stupid things like how we dressed and what we thought were cool, the music, and also bigger, more personal things. I marvel at how much energy I had, how social I was, all the great people I met and mind-broadening experiences I had. I felt like anything was possible and that life is a huge, mysterious journey.

There’s really a lot I miss about that time now that I’ve turned into a bitter, crabby old lady.

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Right now I can’t remember anything too personal, but for fun I would replay when I was in my The Vampire Diaries mode – first season, when I was so addicted. Ian Somerhalder <3<3<3<3

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I would replay that period of my life where I was an asshole to everyone without even realizing it, too remind myself to STFU.

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There are definitely a few moments of this past year I would love to replay…quite a few times in fact!! WOOF! ;)

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My wedding. It was really fun but was over way too quick.

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When I replay it do I get to change the out come? If that were the fact I would replay 1992 when I got an email offering me ground floor on a suite of Internet porn Web sites. I could have afforded to do it but I though there was no way people would spend $2.00 a minute to have some woman they could not see talk dirty to them…...BOY was I wrong. Passing that up cost me 100s of millions of dollars. :-(

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