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What do i do about this tree?

Asked by firemaker (8points) September 4th, 2010

It’s about to collapse. It could fall anywhere from on top of my house, my neighbors house, or somewhere in between. What should i do with it?

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I would get it cut down.

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If it poses a danger to your property and your neighbor’s property, you should have it removed. Plant another smaller tree in its place.

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I second what the above people have said. Get it cut down by a professional, before you end up possibly getting sued over damages if the tree incurs damage to the neighbor’s house.

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Definitely call in a professional arborist to remove it.

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Get a Certified Arborist to look at the tree. If it needs to be removed only allow a professional expert do the job.

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chop it down

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Well yeah getting it chopped down by a professional is the obvious answer but that cost money. My family dont got any money. Its on both of our properties so no worries about a lawsuit.

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You’ll have a lot less money if that thing falls on either of your houses. And what it, God forbid, it kills someone? Find a way. Felling trees is extremely dangerous work, and should only be done be experts.

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@firemaker Out of curiosity, what kind of tree is it? What size? Any pics? We could better understand how serious of a collapsing issue it is if we could see it. If the collapsing risk isn’t that great, there may be ways of stabilizing the tree that would not require removal. More deets, please.

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@firemaker If the tree is on both yours and your neighbors’ property have you discussed the possibility of both families sharing the cost of having it cut down? Anyway, I hope you have enough money to pay for your home owner’s insurance, because you very well may need it and if your deductible is more than it would cost to get the tree cut down then getting it cut down might be a lot less expensive than getting your home repaired. And as @augustlan pointed out, what if it kills or injures someone when it falls? You really want to take that risk?

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It is a giant tree. If it hits a house oh man itll bring the house down to its foundation. Imagine if you had a small 8 inch tall house made out of toothpicks, unglued. And you flicked it. thats what will happen to a house hit by this tree.

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I wonder what your insurance co. would say, since you say it’s so large and an imminent hazard. Are there any utility lines that are at risk? What do the utility co’s say about it? With each, ask about the most economical way and financial assistance, in the proper removal of the tree. Professional arborists, or Friends of Trees, if your area has this organization, perhaps would know how to get financial assistance. Your city might have a program to help seniors, if you fall into that category. Please don’t try to do this on your own or by people who are novices. . I used to work trauma ICU. You’re wise to be proactive in addressing the tree’s threat. Good for you!

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If the tree is on your property, is dying and hits your house, it’s possible that your insurance company may not pay for damages to your home. Call around and price tree removal. The going rate to remove a tree around here is $3000. We found a company that did the job for $1000. You will want to make sure that who you select is bonded and insured.

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yep, chop it off…

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@jazmina88 i would love to burn it! That would be the greatest. I dont think we can do that though.
I dont think there really is much we can do. I think me and my bros will just go out there when its about to fall and push it so it falls in between our houses.

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@firemaker I want to, once again, strongly encourage you not to do that. Large trees are extremely unpredictable. Professional lumberjacks routinely die when the tree they’re felling falls the wrong way. And that’s with careful planning, knowledge and experience behind them!

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If it’s a large as it sounds, the professionals might tie a section of the top and cut it and then lower it to the ground with a crane and bring it down piece by piece, in order for it to be safe. Please don’t be like the guys that end up hurt, “we just thought, we could do it ourselves!!!” Do some investigating about getting someone who knows what they’re doing.
The cost will be less than the potential cost of life, limb (your’s) &/or house.

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