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What do you think being a christian means?

Asked by Pistol (298points) September 4th, 2010

To me, it’s someone who truly seeks after the God from the Holy Bible. Not someone who is perfect but who honestly trys their best every day to commit themselves to God’s laws and moral principles. I also don’t think that just because you’ve been “saved/born again” means you are a christian. It’s a lifestyle.

I say I’m a christian but I don’t always do my best. I think “I’m a hypocrite!” but is that just part of our nature. We try to live by a set of standards and when we fail, we judge ourselves when really we’re just humans with faults; Or am I justifying my own shortcomings?

A group of “christians” on a street corner preach damnation. In my opinion they are following tradition and not God. The bible is about love and they preach as if God hates everyone. Does that mean they aren’t a christian? Does it make them less of a christian? i.e. Is there a finite meaning to the word christian? Is it all based on perspective?

I’ve struggled with this concept for a long time.

The reason I ask? There are a lot of people who say they’re christians when nothing about them resembles a hint of what I consider a christian. Because of those people, I am considered a hateful, close-minded hypocrite when I tell someone what faith I practice; I hate discrimination just as much as the next person.

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@Pistol Welcome to the cllective.
Your best bet is to live according to the dictates of your conscience and use those that you see as hypocrites as a shining example of what not to do. Immerse yourself in an apostolic group that practices mentorship. Be careful what you hate. Try to avoid it. It’s counter to what you’re supposed to be doing what you’re professing to be living. Do not get wrapped up in patting yourself on the back for not being like them. It’s a slippery slope that leads to where they are.
Be ready to be judged by the “merits” and actions of the more vocal and visible load of bad press agents and do what you can in your own way to counteract it. Going to church no more makes one a Christian than standing in a garage makes one a car.
Don’t waste your time watching the hypocrites, you’ll get too wrapped up in finding fault. Set an example that they cannot dipute or rebuke.

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believing in Christ…because his name is in the title…

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@talljasperman I’m sure the devil believes in Christ. Does that make him a christian? I’m not trying to be ugly. I just don’t understand that.

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I believe a Christian is someone who follows the teachings of the Bible while also supplementing such with a reasonable degree of sense, realism and an acceptance of their imperfect nature. Or, to term it differently, someone who tries to live by the Bibles teachings while not feeling immensely guilty for occasionally indulging themselves within reason.

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@Pistol there is a difference from believing in Christ and just beliving he exists…maybe the word I looking for is Following christ

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Being Christian means something different to just about every Christian I have ever met.

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@talljasperman Sorry, that makes much more sense. Should have just taken it that way to begin with.

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This is simple. It means loving your neighbor, and loving your enemy. To do any less than this is to be un-Christian.

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Is it calling yourself Pistol, of all the names out there in the world?

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I believe that being a Christian is living my life a Jesus would want me to. To help my friends and acquaintances. To treat people the way that I would wand to be treated. To lay my head on my pillow at night knowing that I have shared my love with some one and not hurt anyone in the process. It is saying that I am sorry, if I have caused pain, and forgiving those that do not know better yet. It is accepting that I am not perfect, nor our my friends and family. We will make mistakes, but we will hold together to get through them. We will love even those who hurt us out of miss understanding..

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I think anyone, short of the deranged, who call themselves a Christian should be considered as such, because they truly believe that they are following in the footsteps of their interpretation of Jesus Christ’s teachings. Anyone who thinks the Bible is sacred, and that Jesus was somehow associated with divinity is Christian.

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trying to be an example of love.

and knowing grace and redemption

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@liminal Sorry I should have looked for that before I posted this. Thanks for the link though!

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It means never having to explain why you’re not circumsized.

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Being Christian means, live like Christ. Simple, pure, truthful, pious and ego less.
Help others with your gift of knowledge, wealth and talent and hands.
Live with your own means and capacity as he wished you to truly have it.
Just enjoy your life by enjoying his gift of spiritual creations all around us.

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It is pretty simple-Christians are those who believe in the divinity of Jesus as proven by his resurrection. If you do not believe that, you can not be a Christian. FYI I am not one.

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