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What do you think about women not shaving their underarms?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) September 4th, 2010

I was looking at this thing the other day, where it had a picture of Julia Roberts underarms. It said she doesn’t shave them and there was a lot of comments criticizing her and some saying its a personal choice. What do you think? Do you think women should be criticized when they want to go all natural or just chose not to shave for a little while?

Here’s a link:

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Personally, I prefer a girl with shaved underarms. It’s just my preference. I’m not going to publicly humiliate women who don’t or anything like that. It’s their body, they can do whatever they want with it.

I did see an insanely hot hippie chick with hairy armpits once. That really threw me for a loop.

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I told people around me, some five or six years ago, that the new trend was going to be: women who would let their armpits hair grow.
How wrong i was (for five or six years)...
But now my predictions finally come true!
I like natural.

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I like them shaved although I am fortunate that I have no under arm hair, so I don’t need to shave.

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Honestly, I don’t really care.

As long as they don’t smell.

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I don’t care to mind Miss Robert’s business for her. Or any other female who has thrown off the shackles of slavery to convention. I’m fairly sure she bathes regularly.

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I like to say do your own thing and all that other such, but I find it extremely repulsive whenever I see them.

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I prefer shaved, but it’s a woman’s choice and my loss if I can’t deal with it.

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I, personally, would feel wrong without shaving- it’s been so many years, automatic now. But I don’t even think about other women shaving or not- anywhere.

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Could a man tell me what is so repulsive about it, but why that same thing is not repulsive when it comes to your half ton of armpit hair?

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I’m willing to ditch the norm in almost every regard, but I just keep shaving (or sugaring) my armpits, and elsewhere. Hair removal is one convention that’s stuck with me. I think it looks more well-groomed.

My partner doesn’t care at all. He always tells me I don’t have to bother, but he shaves his armpits too.

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@deni I dont have a half ton of arm pit hair. If i did i would trim it. I find hair nasty personally. Its not just women hair armpit hair i find repulsive though. Like guys chest and back hair. Blech….

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I don’t like it. Sorry Julia.

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@Trillian She doesn’t, actually. I read once that Julia Roberts is like, this dirty hippie. She likes her “natural oils” and rarely bathes. Ick.

I’d prefer women shave. I just think hairy armpits on a woman looks gross. Even if men have too much, it bothers me. I’m not denying that I’ve been conditioned by society, but that doesn’t change my opinion. What I don’t get is that Julia seems to take care of the other hair on her body, like her legs and bikini line. Kinda strange that she’d only neglect the armpits…

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i thought about the same thing when I first saw it.

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@le_inferno and @Mom2BDec2010 I wondered about that too. I didn’t see anything popping out of her bikini line, and that’s where it hurts most if you shave or sugar.

About the whole “natural oils” thing, that’s another area where we’ve all been conditioned. Most people bathe way more than they need to. Shampoo, and a lot of the harsher soaps, strip away your natural oils, which sends your body into overproduction to replace them. I only shower once or twice a week now, but I’m not dirty or smelly; my body is accustomed to it. Still can’t kick the hair removal though.

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I think it’s entirely a personal choice. I am sorry for all the snoots out there, but shaving is not a natural human condition. My own take on it is that I think it’s sexier to stay au-naturale.. I like the essential essence of a woman’s body odors, even if she has just worked out or gone jogging; so long as she exercises reasonable hygiene. The hair traps traps and amplifies her sexy scent. And I hate nuzzling razor stubble anywhere on her body.

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I personally prefer shaven underarms for myself,
however- whether someone else shaves their underarms
doesn’t concern me..

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Julia’s seemed only barely unshaven. More like a stubble.

In theory, I believe it’s another part of the male conspiracy to control women. So I’m opposed to women feeling like they have to do it in order to conform to societal expectations. But we all conform to things we didn’t originally want to and now we’ve forgotten we were ever opposed to it.

I think these things are a matter of custom and society, and there is no controlling our minds against this monolith. So I like shaven armpits even though I think it shouldn’t matter to me and it’s a woman’s choice.

Of course, I don’t shave my beard, and I hate the idea that men should shave. For years, I let it grow long and straggly. But somehow, I eventually started mowing it and shaving my neck. I guess it’s kind of a compromise between personal preference and social expectations.

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I shaved my underarms when I was in my midteens, a sort of rite of passage I guess, but changed my ideas during my late teens and I’ve stuck with that for the last 33 years… I like it that way. Sheesh! Julia Roberts armpits are no one’s business but her own….

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@hobbitsubculture You can just not wash your hair every day. I only wash it once or twice a week. And use mild soap. It depends on how much physical exertion you did that day, but sometimes you can get pretty dirty over the course of a day. Sweat, smog. Who knows. And the nether regions always get smelly/dirty no matter what…lots of bacteria build up…I don’t think showering every day or every other day is excessive at all.

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It is a personal choice, like Adagio says, its nobodies business but your own. (for the record I shave) but am not surprised if some one doesn’t.

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I don’t care so long as they aren’t then horribly smelly. I do though.

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I don’t shave mine, you really have to be up close with your nose in my pit to know. But why? Shaving is so uncomfortable, especially in delicate areas. It’s her choice, if she wasn’t famous it wouldn’t be an issue.

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I don’t understand how they can shave there. Of course, I don’t understand how they do the eyebrow thing, nor leg shaving.

I prefer my women to be natural…No need to hide things or cover them up. It is her heart…her love and personality in which I delight.

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I don’t think it matters at all, if they choose to not shave their armpits the leave them do it to their body it’s not yours haters so you can just Fuck Off!
For me when my hairs start growing it really smells bad because I sweat a lot!

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The link looked to me like a woman’s version of this.

No foul.

However, get like this and you can hit the fucking road “Jack”, with your hippie self.

Women are perfectly free to look ugly hairy, if they want.

And men are perfectly free to reject them for someone better looking, and who take care of themselves.

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Geesh, I think Julia is freakin amazing!!! Love that bikini. And pubic hair is embarassing, armpits not. IMO.

I have a pal that doesnt shave, I dont love it. but whatever…...

I shave on ocassion. I have light hair.

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Who cares?

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Each to their own. I like to have smooth underarms personally (actually, I like everything from the neck down to be smooth) but I couldn’t care less whether other women shave or not.

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That is of course, they’re prerogative. Personally speaking, I like to see them shaved & baby soft.

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I shave two to three times a week. All the necessary parts including underarms. I even wax my eyebrows. I think I like the groomed clean look. It does not bother me if I see a natural woman who does not shave. I am bit envious. I wish I could do that .It would just bug me though if I didn’t shave.

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Well it’s their choice but I personally can’t stand not having my arm pits shaved. When they aren’t if I forget or something, I always feel really self conscious.

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I don’t mind, and it’s their choice. Who invented the idea that women have to shave everything to be desirable anyway?! It’s kind of stupid if you think about it.
Having said that, i prefer to shave, because i don’t like the look of hairy underarms on women. If i haven’t shaved (i can’t shave everyday because i have course body hair and it gets itchy an burny if i shave too often – sigh) i’ll only wear tops that cover my under arms.

@ipso Not shaving doesn’t mean not taking care of one’s self.

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Julia is such a sweetheart in real life… so real & not pretentious. Besides that bikini is so cool. It has never bothered me… less so now!

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Doesn’t bother me atall whether she shaves or not. In fact, in can be sexy on some women.

I shave, though. Personal preference. I like the way it feels (smooth).

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