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What are your most important compatibility requirements?

Asked by Tomfafa (2303points) September 4th, 2010

For me… till early 20s it was rollercoasters… the beach etc. Late 20s till early 30s it was a good dancer… likes restaurants etc. Now I’m in my mid to late 30s… it is… the finger pull! A rare (and important talent) If it produces the right melody… we’re good! I’ll be faithful.

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Is she interesting enough?

So much goes into that, of course, but that’s what it boils down to.

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Star Wars.
If you don’t like Star Wars, gtfo.

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Many things in common and trust. love is icing on the cake.

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It is the grabbing me for a spontaneous dance out of the blue. It is being able to support each other in both bad and good. It is wanting to slide between the sheets with our arms around each other, and drift off to sleep together. We are a team. together we a concur anything that falls in our way, together . When you get older you will want that person that completes your thoughts of has the same thought as you. If at 70 you want to bungy jump, she will be right beside you! She will be your rock, or the person that stimulates you so much tat you can’t ever let go. I speak from advise after 2 marriages and having found mine and my partners happiness. We will do anything once, as long as when we are done, we can crawl beside each other in bed to plan our next dream. We are not afraid of what other s think anymore. Its our life and we a re going to enjoy it to-the fullest.

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@Seaminglysew Any kind of grabbing is nice

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Sense of humor. If you can’t laugh at life and yourself, move on.

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An interesting person who gets me thinking. I don’t get intimidated much by people who know more than me, I like to learn from them or hear their stories/lives. Sometimes a challenging person is almost as beguilling but there has to be more positive to gain, I have to believe them.

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I like mine breathing . Just kidding. Well not lazy , good in the sack, honest and funny.

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Girls seem to be such prima donnas nowadays… I mean… I go up to a girl at a bar and say “Hi! I’m tom, pull my finger.” Usually they away in disgust. Not sure why.

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They probably think you have a severe case of gas, or bad manners.Tom. LOL

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I go to parties… and all the girls there have had ‘work’ done. I will admit to having plastic surgery here among friends. I have had my forehead enlarged. Now at parties… “Did you meet that cute guy with the forehead?” One girl would say to the other “did he ask you to pull his finger?”

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No Frenchfry… they just think I am disgusting.

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@Tomfafa: about the girls in your circle who’ve had work done, I face a similar crowd but from a different angle. I live in a place where men and women alike look me over and wonder why I haven’t done anything yet as if I’m touting that I think I’m so hot and omg don’t I realize I need this, that and the other thing done, who do I think I’m fooling?! It’s really depresses me at times to know I’m being judged because I don’t have perfected artificial breasts, spray on tan, veneered smile, Restylene plumed lips or botox’d eyes & forhead that are the norm here.

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@Neizvestnaya I made a lame attempt to be funny… wrong site. I’m surprised the mods let it go this far.

I didn’t think that forehead thing is possible. I am single because I agree with you.

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@Tomfafa You are single because you choose to be.

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How right you are chyna. I live a life of magic… I need a lover who sees that, feels that, shares that with me.

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