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Where is the best place to get a view of Singapore?

Asked by The_Idler (9608points) September 5th, 2010

Simple as that.

I’m not getting on a boat.

I have until tomorrow evening, local time.

Thank you.

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I would say helicopter

Or this website has a list of 5 places:

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Probably from the hills above Singapore.

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Hah, Helicopter. If only. I spent all my money already (2 months travelling) and now I’m in Singapore, which has nothing cheap to do except look around… hence my asking.

Thanks for the link, I just got back from wandering around a few hours, and I did all those places except the hill, which I think I shall do tomorrow… before or after S’pore Sling at Raffle’s?

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Better do it before…you don’t want to slide down the hill….

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I also don’t want my linens to be sweaty and muddy when I stroll into the Long Bar at Raffle’s… รต.O

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There is a “hop on hop off service”. Try to check it here or try to check more from google about the bus

You can also view the city from the giant ferris wheel

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The Singapore Flyer.

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