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Where do you buy your cars from? (In particular, Jeeps.)

Asked by CherrySempai (1137points) September 5th, 2010

Alright, so I want to buy a Jeep. I bought my last car at a school auction, so I have no experience in car-hunting. My dad always finds our cars, but he’s never bought a Jeep before, so I’m looking for advice. :]

I want a yellow, hard-top, two door, air conditioning, automatic. I’d prefer new, but as long as it doesn’t have too many miles on it, I can do used, too. Any price is fine.

I was interested in the resent Wrangler (I’ve only looked online), but it doesn’t come in yellow and I doubt my parents will let me get a paint job.

So, I ask you Fluther, where did you find your car (especially if you were looking for something specific)? :]

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I’m looking for a Jeep too.

Craigslist usually has tons of listings for mainly used Jeeps.

Is there an authorized Jeep dealer in your area? That would probably be your best bet.

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Check the classified ads..also bulletin boards if they have such near you.

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Good choice. It shouldn’t be hard find one. Most Jeeps have the this long lasting bullet-proof engine/trans combo (that 4.0L strait 6). You can buy one with 100K miles on and it will last you a few years.

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I have had 3 jeeps (94, 95, and 96).
I bought them all at used car lots, and paid about 4K for each. Each was at about 60K, and about 5 to 7 years old.

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Have someone check your car or go with you before you buy. I have a jeep now and the guy we bought it from took a lot of stuff out and the electrical is kinda dumb.

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My last car, which I was specifically searching for, was bought at Carmax.

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