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What is the most interesting thing spoken to you in the Spirit?

Asked by gravity (3116points) September 5th, 2010

Spirit led christians will understand this question.

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I have only had audible voices! Both clear and in English. lol
One said, “be nice to your friends, “aster” and the other one was some moral directive I cannot recall. It was a Bible based instruction with the words very slightly changed. The first sounded like mom, the 2nd one was a male.

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“Your time is not yet. You have work to do for me.”

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You almost died?

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I have incurable cancer and diabetes from exposure to the defoliant Agen Orange while I was in Vietnam for two years.

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@CaptainHarley I have heard of this agent orange. Are they doing anything to help you (US gov’t/VA)?
Thanks for risking your life to try to keep us free!

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Quit smokin crack unless you want to die with a pipe in your hand. Wake up.

over 20 years ago :):)

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They compensate me financially, and with medical benefts, etc. I can no longer work at a “regular” job, but the VA disability payments pay all my bills and then some, for which I am extremely grateful.

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@CaptainHarley Horrible. But how do you continue to live with incurable cancer you got in Vietnam? That is amazing. I recall my ex didnt have to go to vietnam and that was in 1965!!

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“Evil always disguises itself as Good”.

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“Luther! Behind you!”
But the thing is, my name is not Luther.

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“Work like you don’t need money, Love like you’ve never been hurt, And dance like no one’s watching.”

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Just like a lot of environmental carcinogens, Agent Orange keeps on giving. The incubation period can last four decades or longer. Mine didn’t manifest until 2005.

If you doubt any of this, it’s all a matter of public record. Do a search for “Agent Orange.”

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This guy I met once said that he doesn’t know if God exists or not, but he still prays to him eight times a day. I was drunk and stoned, but I don’t know, what he said stuck in my head all this time.

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Sounds sorta like the old “There are no atheists in foxholes” saying! Heh!

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@CaptainHarley Glad to see your still kicking! Keep going.

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@Andreas I fully intend to stay here exactly as long as God wants me to and not a second longer. : ))

God gave me a spirit of love. The US Army gave me a warrior’s spirit. Both of them gave me a spirit of endurance and perseverance. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon! : )

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Spirit has spoken to me since I was very young. It isn’t a “Christian” thing in my opinion however…you see…many would consider my orientation “heathen”. My great grand mother was Native American…and although my parents shuffled me back and forth between the Assembly of God and Methodist churches I must tell you that keen observation on my part led to an early opinion that too many hypocrits were amongst their numbers…even though at the time I didn’t understand that was what I was picking up on. Better to in my heart follow a more authentic way of moving through the world. The connections bred in me by my GGM and others led me to be open to nature as it informs…and I learned that something both spoke to me and as very accurate in saving me from harm. My ggm had once shown me a fawn hiding itself nearby where we stood while the mother drew our attention elsewhere…she always showed me how natured responsed. On one occasion long after her death I had descended into the wood down a path I often traveled when I heard something from within tell me….“Step off the path quickly and hide yourself like a fawn…and be still until I tell you.” I did as it implored me too….I hide about 15 feet off that path…and moments later a young male who had stalked me prior came down that path with a machete in his hands…his body language wasn’t random…he was looking for me. You can only assume why and what may have occured had I not listened to the voice within. When he had passed further along down the path and out of site the voice implored me…“Now go…go quickly…run…don’t look back…don’t stop….go directly to your grandmothers.” And it is that which I did. I watched from my grandmothers window as he came back up from the woods along side her house…machete now hidden but still looking for me.
I have ever reason to believe that on that day and many more spirit has spoken to me and continues to speak to me and through me.
I am one of the blessed ones.

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